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The club is the people not the building

As the world has changed due to people’s reaction to Covid-19 I will miss the ability to interact, live, with my fellow woodturners in the same way as I used to. Even if we did not attend club meetings, Turning Tuesdays and Wednesdays, courses, demos and masterclasses, the fact that we could have if we wanted to, and that that has been taken away from us is a great loss.
I would love it if we could use the technology available to us here, or at Facebook to have a virtual club. and post as many pictures and short videos as possible of our workshops, wood piles, tool racks and what is on our lathes at the moment. Please do not tidy up just for the photos and videos – I am not going to (and some of you may recoil in horror, or ask who I have not received help from professionals before now) and friends do not judge each other.
Everyone is blessed with an individual personality and this will be reflected in our workshops, should anyone be deemed to be too impudent they will get one warning and then be sent to the naughty step of isolation from the Facebook pages, I for one do not need any negativity and look forward to only positivity or silence.
I will keep the club going as long as possible for those who want it, and I am able to do so myself. For those who choose not to come to Castle Douglas will have Galloway Woodturners Facebooks to keep us together until we come out the other side.
So let’s see what you have folks !

(if you do not have a Facebook account please consider getting and account, it is free and can be restricted so that you don’t get all the pointless stuff that can be a diversion we don’t need)


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