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Club competition update

Here is the points situation after the September competition. We have a new leader but there’s all to play for with 3 rounds left!

Senior/ Mature:

Colin Marshall (25), Mick Schofield (24), Ken Coates (20), Arthur Young (18), Rolf Buwert (17), Bill McCoskrie (13), David Simpson (12), Steven Young (11), Jake Twiname (8), Reg Thirlwall (7),  Phil Jones (6), John Brown & Judith Simpson (5), Phil Howard (4).

Junior/ Novice:

Stephen Eccles (38), Andrew Hall (23), Raymond McGarva (6), Christine Carson & Alyson Young & Hugh Parker (5).

The scoring system awards 6 points for 1st position, 5 for 2nd, 4 for 3rd. All entries with no votes receive 1 point.

September Competition

This month’s competition subject is ‘A Goblet’, so vote for your senior and novice entry. Just give me the two numbers in the ‘Leave a Reply’ box at the bottom of this post, by email, WhatsApp or text message.

Just like a normal club night all entries to be submitted before 7pm, have your coffee and vote at 8pm, and I will tally up the votes at 9pm.

Good luck everyone.

UPDATE: having counted all the votes the senior winner is Colin Marshall (entry 5), and the novice winner is Steve Eccles (entry 11), well done folks.


Entry 1 – Senior


Entry 2 – Senior


Entry 3 – Senior


Entry 4 – Senior


Entry 5 – Senior


Entry 6 – Senior


Entry 7 – Senior


Entry 11 – Novice


Entry 12 – Novice


Toolpost Closing Down

Jake has let me know that Toolpost are closing down, so if there is anything that Jimmy can’t get for us (mainly from Dave Biven), or Axminster then look at Toolpost. As they are selling everything at 25% off their prices are very keen and there may well be things which are now just within what your wife will let you get away with.

I don’t need anything, but it didn’t stop me getting another two skew chisels (to add to the 6 I already have)


Turning Tuesday and Thursday

As of this Tuesday, 25th August, we are going to unlock the workshop for a version of Turning, and Turning Wednesday will be moved to Thursday. Bill and Jimmy have been good enough to open up for us. Numbers will be limited to 5 per evening, so please phone beforehand in order to be ensured a space. If you turn up without booking a place, you might be lucky and find a space, but equally be prepared to go home again.

Plainly there are new rules, but they are not too difficult, look at previous posts for everything you need to know. 

These are not Club Meetings, that will come later, but it is a chance to get back to seeing our pals and use the club lathes and tools. 

We are all grown adults, who have sufficient intelligence  and respect for each other to be trusted to do things right. However if we prove to be forgetful or careless then we will ‘take a break’ until we are ready to try again, so keep an eye out on the web site and your emails.

check_in_Covid_19_A4_Poster) WELCOME BACK rules


Club competition update

Here is the points situation after the August competition. It’s nice and close, with all to play for!

Senior/ Mature:

Mick Schofield (23),  Colin Marshall (19), Arthur Young (17), Rolf Buwert (16), Ken Coates (15),  Bill McCoskrie (13), Steven Young & David Simpson (11), Jake Twiname (8), Reg Thirlwall (7),  Phil Jones (6), John Brown & Judith Simpson (5), Phil Howard (4).

Junior/ Novice:

Stephen Eccles (32), Andrew Hall (22), Raymond McGarva (6), Christine Carson & Alyson Young & Hugh Parker (5).

The scoring system awards 6 points for 1st position, 5 for 2nd, 4 for 3rd. All other entries receive 1 point. This update corrects errors in my last post – apologies.

Looking forward

As things slowly open up, and before they shut down again, I am planning on how to get us back into the workshop.

We have sufficient safety procedures in place to allow a very limited return to the workshop, and I would urge you to read this very carefully, and decide if you are comfortable with this, if you can comply with the requirements, and if you can trust the other members of the club to comply.

It is up to every one of us to look after ourselves, and our fellow members. This is an imprecise science, and I ask you all to go forward in a spirit of cooperation and not confrontation. The wearing of masks is, and always has been, a controversial point, and before we make comment about someone not wearing a mask please remember that several people are perfectly entitled to not wear a mask, so before we demand an reason for not wearing let’s assume that they have a legitimate exemption and just take a step back from them to give that extra ‘safe’ space. However feel free to shout “get yer big snout into the mask” if someone is wearing a mask but not covering their nose & mouth, partly to remind folks that if they are going to wear a mask to wear them properly, and partly to make me feel better because it is a bugbear of mine and it would make me feel less of a fascist.

An additional thing which I need to put in place before I open up is to put up a couple of posters, like the one replicated below, which records members attending for track and trace. Could you please set up your mobile phones, if you have one, so that when you come in you can ‘check in’, or you can do it before you come on your computer (or get your wife, husband, grandchild or gentleman’s gentleman to do it for you). The data gathered is deleted automatically after 21 days if not needed. You can also register in the book as we always did but this would require me to come into the workshop to get it if there is an infection and I would rather do everything remotely if possible.

Our first tentative opening would be Turning Tuesday and Turning Wednesday, and be limited to begin with to just 5 members each session. If we find that demand if high then we can open up on other evenings, or even mornings – but remember that this requires our committee members to be available and willing to come and open and lock up.

If you traditionally attended on Tuesday I would ask that you come just on the Tuesday, and likewise for Wednesday, at least until we see what demand is. If someone knows a way of ‘booking’ your place before you come, and letting you know if there are no spaces left, then let me know. This would avoid you turning up and finding out that we are full and you have to go home again.

To begin with email me if you want to come back on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or other time, and I can make a list/ allocation/ preference etc.

Let me make it clear that we are not going to open up, at any level, until after 24th August when the Scottish Government make their next stage announcement, but if we prepare now we can get back to the workshop more quickly and be confident we have covered all practical steps to do so safely.

I am sorry if this is all a bit cumbersome, but it is something which we need to do temporarily until things settle down and we develop a much more smooth and natural way of doing this. Ultimately we will return to something very similar to what we had before, and for some this might not be until next year, and I thank you for your patience and tolerance so far.



August Club Night Demo by David Simpson, via a pdf file.

Hi everyone. As David is unable to be with us tonight in person to give his demonstration of A Toy,  and none of use are able to be there either, he, assisted by Judith, has sent his demonstration in the form of a pdf file which I post here.


If all the technology works then you click here (CLICK  HERE)

and the magic will happen.



August Competition ‘THIN’

Here we have the entries for August’s competition ‘ A Thin Walled Item’

Voting is now closed and the winners are

Colin Marshall, with entry number 2


Steve Eccles with entry number 11

SENIOR Entry 1


SENIOR Entry 2  Winner  Colin Marshall

Red LED light inside the object (3rd image)


SENIOR Entry 3


SENIOR Entry 4


SENIOR Entry 5


SENIOR Entry 6


SENIOR Entry 7



NOVICE Entry 11   WINNER Steve Eccles


NOVICE Entry 12

Tonight’s Competition

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition.

I would urge you ALL ( i.e. every member) please to vote tonight. You do not have to have entered any item, the vote is open to all, so please, as many as possible vote tonight, it really does make the voting easier and produces a clear winner is more people vote.

Exercise your democratic right as members of Galloway Woodturners to vote and recognise the good work and effort made by our entrants.

Thank you


August Club Competition

Hi Folks,

I am just uploading some images of this months competition entries to the website Media page. Tomorrow I will post it, and the PDF of the demo that David and Judith were going to give.

If you have an entry for this month’s competition then please send it today, if you don’t have an entry then you have all of today and up to 8pm tomorrow to make and photograph it (and send me the image).

The subject is ‘something thin’, so  I look forward to seeing how you interpret it, or what you have grabbed in panic off the shelf and re-turned it to within a millimeter of it’s life. (mine is 0.75mm)