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Exhibition at the Castle Douglas Art Gallery

Exhibition at the Castle Douglas Art Gallery

19th May to 8th June 2020

The club has the opportunity to have a table within the gallery and to enable us to go ahead with this venture we need to ensure that we have items to sell and enough volunteers to oversee our exhibition.

The gallery is not charging the club for our exhibition, all they ask is 20% of the takings.

We will not commit until we receive support from our members.

Sarah Burns


Unfortunately we were unable to attend the agm so could someone let me know whether the annual subscriptions have. changed and to whom I can send a cheque for these please?


Bill McCoskry, Stephen Eccles, Christine Carson

David Simpson, Rolf Buwert, Arthur Young, Mick Schofield

Wednesday afternoons

The workshop will not be open from 2.00 to 4.00 tomorrow afternoon, (Wednesday 13th November).

It will be open on the following Wednesday 20th November and Wednesdays thereafter at the new time of 1.00 to 3.00.

More Machines

I have picked up more machines fromTony at Shieldhill and brought them to the workshop, and they are:

Axminster Hobby grinder £30 (almost new condition)

Titan Table Saw £30 (little bit scruffy, but a good machine)

Triton Thicknesser £150 (almost new condition) (Reserved by Roger Young)

Axminster belt and Disc sander £40 (very good condition- but needs new belt and disc). Reserved by Sue Halliday.

There is also still the Axminster AWHBS250N bandsaw £55 (needs a new blade)

The Axminster lathe and toolbox containing the chuck etc is reserved for Alyson, one of the students on the beginner’s course) and the other Axminster table saw is mine (and I will take it away when I have made room in my workshop for it.)

I paid Tony for most of the machines and will pay him for the rest when they sell, so see me for payment, or give it to Jimmy who can keep it for me. All items are at priced at what Tony wants for them, if you are happy with the price and you want to make a donation to the club as well, then you are welcome to do so.


Woodworking tools for sale

I have added some items to our Classified adverts page, might be worth looking before going to Harrogate, or writing letters to Father Christmas.

The items are in Lochmaben area and I have picked up some already in my wee van.

Christmas Pyramid plans (kit) by Colwin Way

The courier has just delivered 6 of the Christmas pyramid plans and component kits from Axminster and Colwin Way. Ken Coats had asked for 4, so I have 2 left for anyone on a first come first served basis. They are £21 each and include the plans booklet, candle cups, propellor vanes, silver steel shaft and glass bearing.

I also have some shafts and bearings which I bought myself from Germany and can sell the individual parts at cost price, but have not got round to making the propellor vanes yet.


2019 Chairman’s Annual Report (at AGM)

Galloway Woodturners

2019 Chairman’s Annual Report

This past year has been another good one for us, with membership still strong, and good attendances at not only club nights but also on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

Again we had 5 professional turners visit us, and sufficient members came to the demonstrations and masterclasses that we mainly broke even (once the raffle was included) for most of them.

Professional demonstration and masterclass by Eugene Grimley, Peter Osborn, Rick Dobney, and Phil Irons plus a demonstration by Colwin Way.

The remaining club nights saw demonstrations by our own members, and Chris Pouncey/Robert Sorby’s mobile shop.

We continue to offer the Beginner’s course and workshops to members and this brings in some funds and also increases our member’s confidence and ability.

Over the last 12 months we have had a Better Bowls course last October, Beginners course February and another June, a couple of taster sessions, Sharpening and Greenwood turning, Spinning Tops Tuesday, Skew for the squeamish in July, and others?

We had a team promoting our craft and had a display of work at the Co-op, and we again demonstrated and sold items at Kirkcudbright country fair.

Our equipment has been kept up to date and upgraded with the addition of two new lathes, new chucks, drive and live centres, face shields and sawdust extraction, making our turning more pleasurable and safer. At least £3,400 of tools went via my credit card (thankfully reimbursed by our treasurer). This was only possible through work of members donating items for sale, coffee time donations, Hugh’s football card thing, and the generous donations from Tesco and the Coop.

We have kept on top of Health and  Safety, notably the dust extraction, the vacuum cleaner, keeping the first aid bok up to date and better training and authorisation of use of the bandsaw.

The wood prep team continue to acquire wood and process it, and also set up for the next demonstrator, and clean the workshop etc.

The Harrogate ‘ pilgrimage’ was well organised, well attended much enjoyed by everyone, and will be again this year.

Our own club competition receives relatively few entries (despite big prizes awarded to the winners) but the standard is very high. It would be nice to have more entries.

Summing up, our membership, finances, equipment and training are all in very good health, so thank you to all members who have been part of this great year of woodturning 2019.

Rolf Buwert


Lathe Wanted

I have a young 14 yr old student who is looking for a a lathe. Does any one know of a reasonable lathe for sale. If so please e mail me. – Many thanks