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Kirkcudbright Country Fair, 20 and 21 July 2019

Thank you to everyone who helped  at at Kirkcudbright over the weekend, especially Les, David Arthur and Bill. I think the Galloway Woodturners presented a good image to the visitors and quite a few people showed an interest in woodturning. 

I have returned the lathe to the workshop, and the unsold items to the kitchen. The cash from the sales will be put into envelopes and go to the club shop, so see Jimmy to pick up your money. The club took 10% of the sales items you handed in for sale and has benefited by £27, so thank you to Les, John, Phil H and Arthur for submitting your items for sale.


Skew Saturday

So, soon it will be Saturday, specially selected for those souls who are squeamish or scared of the skew chisel. Selecting our wood we will make six things just with the skew, nothing else.

Ian , Sue, Susan, Chris, Raymond,  Nicky and  Arthur. Subtracting me that comes to six or seven attendees.

This is not a course, you all know how to turn using a skew, this is a workshop where we all learn from each other in an environment free from distractions, and with me to try and hold things together. 

We have seven lathes and a supply of suitable spindle turning wood which can be bought from the club if you don’t bring your own.

Can I ask you also to bring your own skew chisels, lunch and £10 for the club.

Please confirm that you are coming so that I can set things up better.

See you soon.


New Lathe

We have another new lathe (to replace the blue coronet), this one is a Scheppach Late 5.0, which is similar to the Axminster M950. The new lathe also has a long bed, mechanical speed change, reverse capability, M33 drive spindle, swivel and sliding head.

At the moment it only has a four pronged drive and a faceplate, but because of the M33 it can take chucks borrowed from other lather (please return them after use)

This means that all our lathes are variable speed (no more fiddling with changing belts) and the majority have M33 spindles.

I have not made a Lathe Log Book for this one yet, and we need to make a ‘Bits and Pieces Box’ to sit on the tool tray. The pallet truck can not move it until we get the wooden rails fixed to the legs, and at 97kg is not easy to move by hand so best to leave it where it is for the moment. It has been tested and works really well.

Arthur Young has arranged for us to have a pitch at the Kirkcudbright Country Fair again this year. 

This is a good event, with lots to see and do for all the family, and Kirkcudbright itself is always worth a visit.

We will have a lathe set up and, just like previous years, will be demonstrating and selling the items we make. If you have already made something which you think would sell then bring it along and the club will take a small percentage for club funds. Anything you make on the day you can sell and keep all the proceeds, this is to encourage as many members asa possible to show the public what we can do (so let’s keep the item simple and quick to make to let others have a go.)

The purpose of our presence is chiefly to raise awareness of what we do, to share our craft and to encourage new members, and not to sell our wares, but people are always looking for something to take away from the show.  Kirkcudbright folks are more generous and appreciative of craftwork and art so we are always well received.

So let me know if you would like to help set up, demonstrate, help sell and promote, or just come along on the day.



2019 Kirkcudbright Country Fair

A Grand Day Out 20th July.

Although this is at the same time as Galloway Woodturners presence at the Kirkcudbright Country Fair this is worth considering for those who don’t want to go to Kirkcudbright.
I have been asked by Dave Blanden, acting Secretary West Cumbria Woodturners to pass on the undernoted information regarding a Demo in July by Bob Neil, we will be most welcome.

Bob Neill will be demonstrating at West Cumbria Woodturners on  Saturday 20 July 2019. The morning will be a demo by Bob and in the afternoon the opportunity to try pyrography under his supervision/guidance /instruction.

Galloway Woodturners members are most welcome to join us. Please let me know numbers, if any, so I can ensure we have enough pyrography machines.



Location: Mission Rooms next to Dearham C of E Church , Church Lane, Dearham, nr Maryport CA15 7HX

Times Start 10-30-4-00pm.

Food: Please bring a picnic lunch. Tea and coffee freely available throughout day.

Admission: £5 + £2 raffle.

Parking: On street parking on housing estate


Additional Info/Queries: Contact Dave Blanden 07841370636 Acting Sec WCWT email

Vacuum Cleaner

There is a new Club Cleaner in the shape of a silver and blue Draper vacuum cleaner in the workshop. 

The intention is that the bulk of the shavings are swept and shovelled up as before, but rather than spend ages with a brush going into the corners and underneath the lathe motors we can use the Draper, which also has a ‘blow’ function to blow shaving from under the drive motors.

The cleaner has a bag which will need emptying when full.

This is not a fine dust filter type cleaner so it will kick up some dust, (especially when ‘blowing’) therefore it would be sensible to have the big Jet overhead dust cleaner running full tilt for the duration of the vacuum cleaning.

Product Recall

Colwin Way has contacted me and said that there is a minor in one of the measurements in the Christmas Carousel Plans, so if you have bought a set of plans from him at his recent demo please bring it back and I will replace it with the updated version. I apologise for any inconvenience, especially if you have already made all the components and can’t get one of them to fit properly.


Rick Dobney

Rick Dobney’s turning notes are now available.

Look under ‘Library’


and there they can be found.


Message from Rick Dobney

Thank you once again for a most enjoyable weekend at Galloway Woodturners, topped off by a return last night to see Colwin’s excellent demonstration.

As promised, attached are the turning notes for the three projects I presented on the day, please share these with the club membership.

The 6063T6 grade aluminium is readily available off eBay, see for example

The Collect chuck I mentioned in the demonstration (but didn’t need to use) for reversing the stem is available from numerous places, an example from RDG tools is

The Molyslip MCC cutting compound is again available from numerous sources, an eBay example

I’d be delighted to see examples any of the club members work inspired by my demonstration and with their permission I’d like to post them on my website. If there are any questions or points needing clarifying from the projects then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Rick Dobney


I will try to mount the turning notes as soon as possible.  David


Notices June 2019


 Notices – June 2019


We are very happy to welcome Colwin Way tonight, and fortunate to have such a talented turner demonstrate for us. His experience is huge and varied and is probably best known for his association with Axminster tools, and has developed for Axminster the ‘Colwin Way German pattern’ skew chisel. His demonstration is certain to be fun and encouraging. Enjoy this time with him tonight and hopefully we will be able to spend some more time with him in the future.

Competition entries:  the item tonight is fruit, and next months is jewellery, but I would also like to ask members to think about September’s competition item which is “Something for Brampton”. Borders Woodturners Interclub Competition is on Thursday 18th October at Brampton and several of us have attended the competition and even submitted entries. We have improved since then and I know we can produce some excellent work, so look out something you have made recently, or make a special effort to make something really special and bring it on Tuesday 10th September

Visiting turners : Rick Dobney was with us just a couple of days ago and demonstrated and held a masterclass. Chris, Ian and Rolf were ‘the Masterclass’, and had a great time, and learned a lot. If you have never been part of a Masterclass I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. The next one is September.

We have had five professional demonstrator so far this year (if you include Colwin tonight) and our last professional turner for this year will be Phil Irons, who is doing an all day demonstration on Saturday 21st September and Masterclass on Sunday 22nd  September. He is a high quality turner and his pieces sell for high prices, so we can expect a very high standard demonstration from him

There will be no meeting next month (July) as it is holiday time and we will be back in August to the usual second Tuesday in the month 13th August when Phil Howard will be “Playful”.

A new lathe has arrived (Axminster Trade AT350WL/AT1416VS W), and until it is fully set up please refrain from playing with it. It still needs to be bolted down with spacers and have a Log Book created for it.

The new extractor is also here, but I have not built it up yet so it is still in it’s box. I hope to build it this week and then could do with some help and advice in ‘plumbing’ it into the pipework we have, and extend and improve that pipework.

You will see that we have acquired more wood and it is awaiting processing. Thank you to everyone who was involved in the acquisition of this and the team who come once a month to ensure we have a good stock of boards and billets for turning.

We are fortunate that Galloway Woodturners have an active membership who raise funds, process wood, make food for when professional turners come for all day demos, set up lathes and chairs where required, do maintenance, admin and hospitality, run our shop, look after our finances and do the admin for us etc. But we are also fortunate that we have a strong membership and high attendances on Club nIghts as well as Turning Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Thanks everyone.