Galloway Woodturners

We're in Galloway and we turn wood

Lathes and Equipment


Lathe AKA Spindle Morse Taper Tool post Ø Chuck Manual
Axminster AWVSL The small hobby one 1” x 8 tpi No 2  ~16mm Axminster Clubman Manual
Jet JWL-1221VS The small Jet one M33 x 3.5 No 2 1″ Record SC4 Manual
Scheppach Lata 5.0 The Long Blue one M33 x 3.5 No 2  ~25mm Charnwood Manual
Record CL4 The Green one ¾” x 16 tpi No 1  ~20mm Vicmarc VM100 Manual
Axminster M950 The original club one 1” x 8 tpi No 2 1″ Sorby Patriot Manual
Fox F46-718 The Grey one (bequeathed by Robert Irving) M33 x 3.5 No 2 25mm SupaNova 2
Jet 3520B The Big Demo one M33 x 3.5 No 2 1″ Axminster Evolution Manual


Pro edge Sharpeners: Manual

Bandsaw: tbc

Pillar Drill: tbc

Jet Air Filter: Manual

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