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Club Shop

One of the benefits of membership of the Galloway Woodturners Club is access to our club shop.

We have a large stock of abrasives, finishes, pen making kits, project kits and dust masks. Prices are displayed on the doors of the shop and show a bulk buying discount.

Galloway Woodturners Club Shop Prices   The shop prices are for members, and are not contractually binding (i.e. may be subject to typing errors, omissions and change) but should be relatively accurate as at 10 October 2017.

Various grades of abrasive 12 to 400 (also hook and loop backing)

abrasive discs with hoop and loop backing for rotating and powered finishing.

Foam backed abrasive, (hook and loop backing)

Abrasive, different grits widths and lengths (hook and loop back)


Abranet, the abrasive that does not clog so easily and hook and loop backing.

Glass oil bottle and plastic filler for oil lamp projects.

Clock mechanism White face, 100mm, Roman numerals

Clock Mechanism, White Face, Roman Numerals 85mm

Clock Mechanism 65mm White face Arabic numerals.

Clock mechanism Gold face 85mm

Pen kit

5 pack pen kit 7mm gunmetal

5 pack pen kits 7mm chrome and gold

5 pack pen kit 7mm black clip , satin Chrome and gold

Universal dust port bracket

2MT to 1MT adapter and drill sleve

pack of 2 spray diffusers by Chestnut

quality brush, what we use to apply sanding sealer

Pack of 20 brass tubes for pen making

Plastic centre finder

Safety cloth (safer than an old pair of pants)

Chestnut Acrylic Sanding Sealer

Chestnut Gilt Cream

repleacment belts for Sorby Pro Edge

Chestnut Spirit Stain Samples

Chestnut Wood Wax 22, for a good gloss finish.

Chestnut Finishing Oil

Super glue and metal powders

Yorkshire grit, wax oil grit polish abrasive, and apparently not a replacement for lard or dripping on bread.

Record Silicone Spray.

Chestnut Acrylic Lacquer

Chestnut burnishing cream, like Brasso but less smelly.

Monofil clear lacquer

Chestnut Ebonising Lacquer (black paint)

Chestnut Cellulose thinner

Chestnut Spray cellulose sealer.

Glass oil lamp funnels for oil lamp projects ?

Dust mask filters


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