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Next Club Meeting – 8th February – (Happy New Year)

It is nearly February so, for those I have not seen yet, Happy New Year !

Sorry we could not fulfil my hope of a meeting in January, but it looks like we are now out of the majority of restrictions and as of 8th February we are back to 95% of normal.

Our next Monthly Club Meeting is Tuesday 8th February 2022, our demonstrator is Rodger Cutler who is demonstrating something practical for the kitchen, and the competition is a kitchen implement.

The committee meet this Tuesday to firm up our demonstrators for the rest of 2022, so if you have an itching to have a go at demonstrating something then let us know and we will support you in whatever way we can. 

Although Turning Tuesday and Turning Wednesdays are well attended and also our monthly meetings are also almost back to pre Covid numbers  I am well aware that there are a few key members who have not been able to return, we value you, miss you, and would like to see you back as soon as you are ready.


New Woodturner, and two smarter ones

Yesterday we held a Beginner’s and Refreshers course at the workshop. Carolyn and John undertook the Refreshers course as they can already turn but wanted to remind themselves of the basics, Daniel is new to tuning although he has had a go on the club lathes a few time, he also follows in his big brother’s footsteps in being one of our youngest members, and like his brother shows maturity beyond his years and promises to be a good turner.

All three worked their way through the key turning tools, namely the spindle roughing gouge, skew chisel, spindle gouge, bowl gouge, scraper and parting tool. 

As we were tidying up at the end of the day I had a wee look at the shavings on the benches and, like finding pearls, I found some of the most beautiful and perfect spiral wood shavings, so delicate and consistent that they demonstrated a sharp tool well used. My intention in these courses is not to produce an ITEM but a WOODTURNER, I feel we have three woodturners of great potential here and the Galloway Woodturners are fortunate indeed to have them as members. I wish you all well for the future.


My new lathe

My new lathe is up and running. Delivered on Tuesday, installed on Wednesday. Thanks to Rolf, Phil J and Geoff T for their help. For reference the bowl on the lathe is 15 inches in diameter.


My previous Wivamac lathe has gone to a good home at Dalbeattie Men’s Shed.

Happy New Year and lots of shavings to you all. Phil H

Workshop Open on Tuesday 28 Dec

For the avoidance of any doubt, I will be opening the workshop tomorrow evening (Tuesday 28th Dec).

And btw, Merry Xmas!

Club competition December update

Here is the points situation at the end of 2021.
Senior/ Mature:

Colin Marshall (52), Rolf Buwert & Stephen Eccles (38), Mick Schofield (36), Bill McCoskrie (26), David Simpson (18), Arthur Young (8), Phil Jones (6), Reg Thirlwall (4), Tom Florey & Elwin Campbell (2), John Brown & Ken Coates & John Coldbeck & Steve Dunn (1).

Junior/ Novice:

Andrew Hall (40), Michael Jacob (27), Christine Carson & Ken Power (6), Alyson Young (5), John Faircloth-Wood (4), Jimmy Brown & Kenny Johnston (1).

The scoring system awards 6 points for 1st position, 5 for 2nd, 4 for 3rd. All other entries, including those with no votes, receive 1 point.

December competition entries
Phil Jones (winner)

Arthur Young

Steve Eccles

Rolf Buwert


Ken Power

Happy Christmas – Happy Holiday

Happy Christmas to all our members, all our prospective members, and everyone else who we would we would love to have as members if only we had the room. Have a great Christmas time and enjoy your holidays.

Having agonised long and hard about if we could, or should, hold a meeting in January (traditionally we did not meet in January) I have decided that I would rather not expose anyone to unacceptable risks, and therefore a monthly meeting with the greater numbers that attracts would not be acceptable. Sorry.

The smaller numbers at the weekly workshops is more manageable, and if everyone sticks to 1 meter distancing, wearing masks at all times, and washes hands immediately upon arrival and immediately before leaving, plus not sharing tools unless they have been thoroughly wiped down with sanitiser first, then this can still go head. Remember that this depends on the good will of Jimmy and Phil J, and their good health, so be nice to them and comply with all of the above.

Roger Cutler will be our demonstrator for our February meeting and I look forward to seeing everyone fit and healthy then.


Monthly Club Meeting, 14th December

As neither government has prohibited it yet we are still going to have the Club meeting tomorrow evening, Tuesday 14th December. Please do a lateral flow test before you attend if you can. Lets all have our masks on at all times apart when having our tea when we will try and keep our distance from others. Washing hands with soap and water is also recommended when you come in and as you leave. Kissing is prohibited for all during the meeting and inside the compound.
Phil Howard is not boring, he is coring. Taking the core out of a big blank means you can have two, or even three, bowls from one lump of wood. Frightens the life out of me but I am sure Phil will make it seem easy.
Competition item is a rustic toy.
Looking forward to seeing you all for the last meeting of the year.
As things are still very much uncertain as far as Covid-19 levels we will just have to see what the R-rate is over Christmas and what restrictions the Scottish Government decide upon.

Club competition scores

Here is the points situation after the November competition.
Senior/ Mature:

Colin Marshall (52), Rolf Buwert (37), Mick Schofield (36), Stephen Eccles (33), Bill McCoskrie (26), David Simpson (18), Reg Thirlwall (4), Arthur Young (3), Tom Florey & Elwin Campbell (2), John Brown & Ken Coates & John Coldbeck & Steve Dunn (1).

Junior/ Novice:

Andrew Hall (40), Michael Jacob (27), Christine Carson (6), Alyson Young (5), John Faircloth-Wood (4), Jimmy Brown & Kenny Johnston (1).

The scoring system awards 6 points for 1st position, 5 for 2nd, 4 for 3rd. All other entries, including those with no votes, receive 1 point.

December Competition

November and December are very busy so I suggest we make a start on the December competition item which is a simple, rustic wooden toy.

It would be nice to see a big number of entries. Make them as simple and rustic as you want but if you intend to give the toy as a present you may want to look up the UK toy safety regulations to give you a guide. These regulations apply mainly if you are going to sell them. If you are going to make the toy for your own children or grandchildren etc then you do not need to mark them with the CE mark but you will want to keep these children safe so check for sharp edges, small parts, child safe finishes etc. It is not hard or complicated.

Looking forward to what you all come up with.

November competition

Here are the entries from 9th November. There were 4 entries in the Mature/ Seniors category but none in the Novice/ Juniors.

Updated scores will be posted in a couple of days.

Colin Marshall (winner)

Arthur Young

Stephen Eccles

Rolf Buwert

(Awaiting photo)