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Chucks &Jaws

Attached is a video by Richard Raffan outlining the use of Chucks & Jaws. In the video, Richard Raffan demystifies chuck jaws for woodturning. He also offers tips on how to mount your work on the lathe safely and without marring your project as well as why he uses a spigot wherever possible.


What is on the lathe?

Tom Florey has been busy creating his usual high quality turning on his lathe. The pair of natural edge bowls are particularly beautiful.





Competition Winners May 2020

What a magnificent set of entries we had again this month, well done everybody. The subject of Something Blue could have been a challenge but everyone met the brief.

The winners were as follows

Novice – Steve Eccles

Entry 10 - Novice

Entry 10 – Novice Steve Eccles

The winners of the Senior class was a three way tie

Steven Young

Reg Thirwall

Colin Marshall

Next month’s competition (16th June) is a mushrooms group. I look forward to seeing the entries. So, off to the workshop folks.

Newsletter 2

Here is Newsletter number 2. Thanks for the contributions, and I would welcome more.

Galloway Woodturners Newsletter May 2020


Club Competition – Vote for something Blue.

Vote by ‘ comment’ or by email to

Good luck everyone. Try and vote tonight, and I will give the result at 9pm, as usual, or tomorrow if I think some voters are having trouble getting their votes in on time.

Entry 1 – Senior

Entry 1 – Senior

Entry 2 – Senior

Entry 3 – Senior

Entry 3 – Senior Entry 4 – Senior

Entry 4- Senior

   Entry 5 – Senior Entry 5 – Senior Entry 5 – Senior Entry 5 – Senior


simple bowl

Entry 7 – Senior

simple bowl

Entry 7 – Senior

simple bowl

Entry 8 – Senior  Entry 8 – Senior


Entry 9 – Novice



Entry 10 – NOvice Entry 10 – Novice Entry 10 – Novice

Entry 11 – Senior

Whose workshop is that ?

It’s mine but I barely recognise it now ! It has been swept, vac’d (and vac’d and vac’d) and painted !

How long will it last when I start turning ?

Looking forward to getting back to the Club.

Club Night- Tuesday 12th May

Hi folks, I hope you are all well and not run out of wood yet. I was recently at Jake’s 2nd shed, and he at least should be ok for a few months yet. 

There are a few entries for Tuesday’s competition, and there is still time to submit your entry, so let’s see what you have for us.

I am also putting together the next newsletter and am open to any article you want to submit. So if you are missing ‘Wood of the Month, or Show and Tell’ then here is your chance to vent your inner Clerk Kent ( … Superman).

It is also a while since we had a tour of anyone’s workshop, so if you take your mobile phone and use the video camera, a video of under two minutes would be great. It is surprising how much you can record in two minutes.

Thanks everyone, and look forward to hearing from you.


May Club Competition 12th May

Thanks to everyone who entered and voted for last months competition, especially Raymond and Stephen who were joint winners of the Novice, and to Ken who won the Senior. 

May’s competition is ‘Something Blue’ and I look forward to seeing what folks come up with. Interpret it how you like, with dye, paint, resin, inlays or a mix of wood and some other material?

Remember that the more people who enter the greater the victory, as the winner of two (or even one) entries is lesser than the winner of ten entries. Your scores will all add up at the end of the year so enter every month if you can. More entries please from the Novice group please, it is always nice to see a Novice produce excellent work which challenges the Seniors.

Same as last month, make you item, take two photographs if you can and send them to me, or upload them to the club Media folder and then on the 12th May  ‘Club Night’ we will all see them at 8pm when we have our coffee break, and try and vote before 9pm and I will give the result (even if it is just provisional) at 9pm.

Good luck.


Easter Egg trinket box

I was supposed to demonstrate my Easter Egg trinket box at the club last Tuesday but because of this lockdown it couldn’t happen. Not to be put off I’ve filmed it and you can watch it from the link below. Hope you enjoy, happy to field any questions.

Videos by club members

Recently Rolf invited club members to post videos of their workshops and wood stores etc. These are on the club’s Facebook page. You don’t have to ‘do’ Facebook to be able to see them, anyone can just click on the links below. If that doesn’t work you can ‘copy’ the whole line and ‘paste’ it into your web browser.

Enjoy! I’ll update this when more videos are posted. To post a video or a photo visit the club’s Facebook page and click on Create Post.

Rolf’s workshop
Rolf’s wood store
Steve Young’s workshop
Steve Young’s Easter Egg Trinket Box
Mick Schofield’s workshop
Mick Schofield’s wood store Part 1