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Animals – Tuesday 8th March 2016


Ash with texturing and antique oak paste wax finish.

I invented these last year and are a great way to practice with a texturing tool without having to worry about getting anything neat and tidy. Go wild with the texturing tool, use a wire brush to remove the loose bits, cover well with dark paste wax then cut the face. Add spots for eyes and flatten the bottom on a sander.


Various woods decorated with various materials.

Some of these are unfinished demo pieces. The ears sit directly behind the eyes and are made from felt, bicycle inner tube or denim cut from my work jeans because I had nothing else to hand. This leather sheet would probably be better if you have it. Round leather is better than flat strips for tails.


Sycamore coloured with spirit stain.

My first attempt is on the left and is very round. The second is more pointy at the back and I have experimented by recessing yellow buttons for eyes stained black behind. I quite like the effect. I have also finished the body with acrylic lacquer and burnished it to a glossy finish. I struggled a while with how to do the wings until I decided that the wire would give a good interpretation. Not at all anatomically correct but cutesy and (hopefully) saleable.


Scrap wood coloured with green and yellow spirit stain.

My first attempt (back) was OK but a bit basic. On advice from my wife I added the segments to the tail of my second attempt (front) and improved the body and head. The head is actually unfinished here but I like the colours. It was sealed then green stain added, then sealed again so the final yellow coats highlighted the green without mixing with it. Finally it had a coat of acrylic and burnished.
The wings are enough for an impression but I have bought some shiny green wire for the next one.


Cherry wood with black wire

My first and only attempt at a spider. I had originally planned to stain in black or use ebonising spray but I decided the cherry looked nice enough to keep natural. The wire used for the legs isn’t strong enough to support the weight but it looks OK when hanging from a string.


Coloured by black spirit stain, legs in copper wire.

I don’t like either of these attempts but have included them here to demonstrate that not every experiment succeeds but will hopefully inspire improvements or alternatives in the future.



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