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6 Week Introduction to Woodturning Course


 Introduction to Woodturning Course – 6 Sessions


Module Content
Session 1

Introduction to the Lathe

Names and functions of parts of a typical lathe.

Basic workshop risk management. Health & Safety PPE. Safety on the Lathe

Work holding methods – centers, face plate, chucks, etc. Introduction to spindle work,.

Simple roughing to round and shaping with Spindle Roughing Gouge

Session 2

Spindle Turning

Use of Spindle Roughing Gouge, Skew Chisel. Parting Tool, Spindle Gouge to form classic spindle shapes.

Sharpening spindle turning tools, discussion of bevel angles.

Exercises for roughing, shaping, smoothing cuts, coves and beads. Marking out and work sequence for spindle work

Session 3

Spindle Turning

Start a spindle turning project.

To be finished at home or at the club if necessary

Session 4

Face Plate Turning

Selecting wood for face plate work. Initial mounting of work using screw chuck, face plate, face plate ring, scroll chucks.

About bowl gouges and scrapers.

Using the bowl gouge and scraper to shape the outside of a bowl.

Look at Design

Session 5

Face Plate Turning

Hollowing the inside of a bowl using the bowl gouge and scraper. Sharpening bowl gouges and scrapers. Use of abrasives.
Session 6

Face Plate Turning

 Finish face plate project –




Emphasize safe working practices, effective tool use, and the principles of turning.

The importance of sharp tools.

Properties of wood and how these affect turning.

Design principles.

Strive to produce the best work possible

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