Galloway Woodturners

We're in Galloway and we turn wood

February 2016 – Box with an inlay (plain box for beginners)

Mature Turners

  •  Phil Jones 7.1
  •  David Simpson 7.0
  • John Brown 6.4
  • Jake Twiname 6.3
  •  Reg Thirlwall 6.2
  • Phil Howard 5.9
  •  Bryan Jardine 5.5
  •  James Grieve 4.7
  •  Ken Coates 4.6
  •  Rolf Buwert 4.4


New Turners

  • Hugh Parker 7.2
  • Michael Fenton 7.2
  • Arthur Young 7.1
  • Ian Spencer 6.0
  • Steve Dunn 5.9
  • James Brown 5.4
  • Ian Fleming 5.3


* Apologies to Bryan Jardine for not uploading a photo of your item. I was sure I’d photographed it, but my camera says otherwise.

** I caused some confusion last night when the number/letters blew about the place meaning it was difficult to attribute a number/letter to an item.  I’ll use the sticky labels in future to prevent this from happening! Apologies for the confusion.

*** Phil Jones has created a spreadsheet which I can enter your scores into and allow me to post a screen shot of the leader board each month.  I’ll start using this from March, providing I can work it!

**** If there’s ever any problem/s with the competition please let me know either in person or by emailing me at


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