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Sleeping Beauty

Just like the fairytale Sleeping Beauty it is now time for Galloway Woodturners to go to sleep, not for a hundred years, but possibly for a hundred days, depending on how many times the wicked witch of Covid-19 comes back.

The workshop is ‘out of bounds’ to everyone. It is secure, and I will go and ‘mothball’ it soon (not by growing an impenetrable wall of thorns and briars)

Fear not, I will not awaken you all with a kiss, but a boring old email as soon as I possibly can.

The club will continue to live in us, the members, in our individual workshops, and in Facebook and this web site.



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2 Responses to “Sleeping Beauty”

  1. Mick Schofield says:

    Take care everyone. Rolf, do you want us to post our woodturning pictures and stories on here or is FB best. When I’ve posted on GWT’s FB site the posts disappear into a hard to find ‘Visitors Posts’ spot. Am I doing it wrong?

    Keep strong everyone!

  2. Rolf Buwert says:

    FB is probably easier for most folks, but whatever works for you. I can always try and take the post and replicate on the other. I don’t know how the ‘visitor’ thing works; I will look into it, as I might have time to do so now.
    Thanks, and very much looking forward to your pictures.

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