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Thank you to all members for your patience waiting for the club to reopen, and keeping in touch with each other.

The pandemic is not over, and there is still no cure for the virus. There is still a large number of people who have not had the vaccination and are just at as much risk of death or serious illness as when the disease first struck 18 months ago, in addition there are several variants which are of greater concern than the first one discovered.

However things are slowly opening up and I have given a great deal of thought of how to get us back into the workshop safely. I firmly believe we can restart the ‘Tuesday and Thursday workshop sessions, as of Tuesday 25th May, without incurring any greater risk than we face in other places – provided we stick to certain rules.

We have sufficient safety procedures in place to allow a very limited return to the workshop, and I would urge you to read this very carefully, and decide if you are comfortable with this, if you can comply with the requirements, and if you can trust the other members of the club to comply.

It is up to every one of us to look after ourselves, and our fellow members. Washing our hands is still a key protection and I would ask you all to do so as soon as you come in, and last thing before you leave. Wash you hands also if you have shared tools or touched something that another member has recently touched. The wearing of masks is much more accepted than previously and we do require it whenever inside the workshop. There are a small number of people who are exempt from wearing a mask, and if you are in the company of an ‘unmasked’ turner just take a step back from them to give that extra ‘safe’ space. 

We are obliged to keep records of members attending for track and trace. Could you please set up your mobile phones, if you have one, so that when you come in you can ‘check in’, or you can do it before you come on your computer (or get your wife, husband, grandchild or manservant to do it for you). The data gathered is deleted automatically after 21 days if not needed. You can also register in the book as we always did.

Our first tentative opening would be Turning Tuesday and Turning Wednesday, and be limited to begin with to just 5 members each session. If we find that demand if high then we can open up on other evenings, or even mornings – but remember that this requires our committee members to be available and willing to come and open and lock up.

Please contact Bill or Jimmy (or email me) in order to book one of the 5 places on Tuesday 25th May, or 5 places on Thursday 27th May. I thank you for your patience and tolerance so far, we will get the normal monthly club meetings restarted as soon as possible.




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