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Reopening (soon)

Thank you everyone for your continued patience and support in keeping the club alive during this prolonged lockdown.

The Scottish Government Government have a plan for returning to normality, stepping down the levels until we are back to ‘normal’.

I can see nothing which specifically applies to organisations such as ours, but if you can see something then I would be glad to hear from you. It looks like it will be July before we reopen, but as things can easily change the date may change forward or back. 

Please get in touch if you have any thoughts on when, and under what conditions you would be comfortable to return.

One of the conditions may be that you self test on the day of attending the club, which means that you would need to apply for a free testing kit from the following web site.

Can I ask you all to obtain one of these kits and especially those of you who want to come on a one-to-one beginners woodturning course, which I am prepared to start again fairly soon. One of the conditions I will have for any course is that student and tutor have negative test results on the morning of the course. 

Before we meet as a club I expect government guidelines will permit ‘Turning Tuesday‘ and ‘Turning Thursdays‘ as per last year where up to 6 members can meet indoors provided certain conditions are met, and we will get this started as soon as we can.

By this date most of us will have had both vaccinations and we will be fairly confident of the protection this gives us however the virus which exists this year is slightly different to the one which started all this in March of last year and for that reason we continue to be careful and protect ourselves, our families and our fellow woodturners.

Please email me at if you have any concerns or questions, or just want to say Hi, and let’s home we can meet again at the workshop very soon.



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