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Professional Demonstration

I have heard that Axminster are offering a series of free live internet demonstrations featuring Colwin Way. The demonstrations are set to run every day this week beginning on Monday at 4pm.

Colwin’s schedule will be as follows:


Colwin will take a piece of burr oak and cast it with resin, this is purely a tutorial on casting with the intention that on Friday we turn the piece cast on Monday into a small bowl. Colwin will explain how to make the mould, cut the timber, mix the resin and add pigment and explain about pressure pots.



Making wooden apples and pears, this will involve jam chucking and polishing techniques.



Hollow form day, the project will be a leaning garlic jar inspired by French sculptor Thierry Martenon. It will have a textured outside surface and a sanded flat base. This will feature the Woodcut hollowing system.



Back to a smaller project for this and an offset pendant, this uses several types of jaws both bought and home made to create the “off set”.



Turning the cast burr oak bowl we prepped on Monday, again several holding techniques here plus reversing the bowl to finish.


To access the demonstrations you need to point your web browser at the following page:

At 4pm a live feed should start up on the Axminster feed, but you may need to refresh around this time. Also, there is a video tab on the left of the page on the desktop version. This should say live next to it when the video starts,  click on here and it should take you straight to the video. 
The video will be uploaded to our YouTube channel by 8pm this evening if anyone misses it. 

Colwin says that he would like lots of questions ….so fire away!

where there are several really good videos to inspire us at home.

(Thanks to Carl Burns for letting us know about this)


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