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New Lathe

We have another new lathe (to replace the blue coronet), this one is a Scheppach Late 5.0, which is similar to the Axminster M950. The new lathe also has a long bed, mechanical speed change, reverse capability, M33 drive spindle, swivel and sliding head.

At the moment it only has a four pronged drive and a faceplate, but because of the M33 it can take chucks borrowed from other lather (please return them after use)

This means that all our lathes are variable speed (no more fiddling with changing belts) and the majority have M33 spindles.

I have not made a Lathe Log Book for this one yet, and we need to make a ‘Bits and Pieces Box’ to sit on the tool tray. The pallet truck can not move it until we get the wooden rails fixed to the legs, and at 97kg is not easy to move by hand so best to leave it where it is for the moment. It has been tested and works really well.


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