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July Competition

 Welcome to hopefully the last competition on Zoom.

There are fewer entries than in previous months, but that is fine as we previously closed for July / holiday season. Hopefully some of you are able to take a break during this good weather.

Please vote by expressing your choice at the bottom or emailing me, Thanks.

Senior entry 1.


Senior 2


Senior 3


Novice 1


Novice 2


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5 Responses to “July Competition”

  1. Tom Florey says:

    My vote is senior 3 and novice 2. Tom

  2. John Faircloth-Wood says:

    My vote is 3 senior and two novice

  3. Steve Dunn says:

    My vote is senior 3 and novice 2

  4. Andrew Hall says:

    #3 senior and #1 novice thanks

  5. Andrew Ratnam says:

    Seniors 3
    Juniors 2

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