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Club meeting and competition

It’s that time again. The club monthly meeting will be (via Zoom) this Tuesday, 13th April, and we are open to your monthly club competition entries, which this month is Make an open fruit bowl. How did we decide on a fruit bowl you ask? because it is April, and Aprilis is from a Roman/Latin verb meaning “to open”, such as fruits and flowers – therefore an open fruit bowl (glad you asked now aren’t you).

Send in your images of the fruit bowls you have made to me, or upload them directly to the web site Media folder, and please state which category you are entering.

To gain access to the meeting use the codes I gave you before, it is a recurring meeting code. For those of you who have ‘tidied out’ their emails I will send it again to everyone. 

Our demonstrator this month is Roger, who will be showing us how to use metal as an inlay, so providing he has not burned down his workshop practicing for Tuesday’s meeting it should be an extremely interesting demo.



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