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Club Competition – Vote for something Blue.

Vote by ‘ comment’ or by email to

Good luck everyone. Try and vote tonight, and I will give the result at 9pm, as usual, or tomorrow if I think some voters are having trouble getting their votes in on time.

Entry 1 – Senior

Entry 1 – Senior

Entry 2 – Senior

Entry 3 – Senior

Entry 3 – Senior Entry 4 – Senior

Entry 4- Senior

   Entry 5 – Senior Entry 5 – Senior Entry 5 – Senior Entry 5 – Senior


simple bowl

Entry 7 – Senior

simple bowl

Entry 7 – Senior

simple bowl

Entry 8 – Senior  Entry 8 – Senior


Entry 9 – Novice



Entry 10 – NOvice Entry 10 – Novice Entry 10 – Novice

Entry 11 – Senior


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11 Responses to “Club Competition – Vote for something Blue.”

  1. Mick Schofield says:

    My vote is for #8.

  2. David Simpson says:

    Novice Number 9 for me.
    I cannot vote for a Senior as I have an entry

  3. Reg Thirlwall says:

    My vote is # 5 senior

    Novice # 10

  4. Steve Young says:

    My vote is no 10

  5. Judith Simpson says:

    Rolf, one entry (presumably no. 6), isn’t labelled.

  6. Ken Coates says:

    My vote is for number 1 and number five.

  7. Rolf Buwert says:

    Well folks- With most of the votes in it looks like Steve Young, Reg and Colin all tie on the same score, well done.
    Steve Eccles is one point ahead in Novices.
    As several of you quite rightly said the standard was very high and difficult to differentiate.
    I will leave the vote open for a day or so to let those who cant vote tonight get their vote in. Remember that you can vote in your class, but we will know if you vote for yourself and we will discard that vote and maybe even delete one from your entry.

  8. John Twiname says:

    No ten novice, and welldone a good show you all have to much time on your hands

  9. John Faircloth-Wood says:

    Number 1 for senior and 10 for novice

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