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Chucks & Jaws

Attached is a video by Richard Raffan outlining the use of Chucks & Jaws. In the video, Richard Raffan demystifies chuck jaws for woodturning. He also offers tips on how to mount your work on the lathe safely and without marring your project as well as why he uses a spigot wherever possible.



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One Response to “Chucks & Jaws”

  1. Rolf Buwert says:

    What a nice man Richard Raffan is, and with many years experience. Interesting that he says that gripping onto a spigot is his preference and yet twice in this video he shows how he expands into a recess. This is because he expands or contracts the jaws according to the job in hand, so he uses both grips, as appropriate. Any video or book by this man is worth looking at. Thanks Roger for this post.

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