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January 2021

The recent Scottish Government announcements are necessary to keep the infection level down so that we are safe until we are vaccinated. This is a very critical time for us and vital that we are careful about infecting those we come in contact with. To that end we closed the workshop after the Tuesday 22nd December session. The workshop will remain closed for all of January when we will see what the government permits thereafter.

Although this may seem very restrictive the reality is that going from level 1 to level 4  from Boxing day right through January will  not be that difficult. We will have our Christmas toys to play with, the weather is poor so we won’t want to go out much anyway and January is the month where many of us do repairs, modifications and improvements to our tools and workshop anyway. 

There are plenty of woodturning videos and interactive demos available to us to keep us interested and delivery drivers will still be permitted to deliver tools, wood, and other supplies to keep us making things for the next few weeks.

Yes, the workshop is closed, but the club is still functioning. The Lockdown will lift, in stages, and Dumfries and Galloway is a low risk area, hence our recent Level 1 status. When the restrictions relax I will let you know, and we will take small steps, carefully, and in the right direction to get back to seeing each other.

So, chin up folks, comply with the regulations, keep away from those that don’t, and we will get back to normal. 


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