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Beginners Course 1/2020

Beginners Woodturning Course 1/2020

The Beginners Course will be the six Thursday evenings 27th February to 2nd April 7 to 9pm.

The way I teach the Beginners Woodturning Course is to get you to do the basics, the first three weeks being spindle turning (long thin things), and the next three weeks being facepate turning (wide round things) and there is no aims to produce any particular item like a dibber, spurtle, plate or bowl. We often do finish up with something identifiable, but by pure accident.

The aim is to get quality shavings and nice tool control. By doing this you will have the skills to make anything, not just the usual bowls and spurtles. The Beginners Course is there to get you comfortable using the tools, and not to direct you down any particular path of woodturning, so you can be more creative in the future.

We show you the properties of wood, a little on how to sharpen, some technical things about the tools and machines, but mainly about having fun and being creative.

As with many things, it is practice that makes you good, and you will only practice if you are having fun.

You have to be a member of the club to access the tools and training, so there is a £35 annual club membership fee, but you can join on the first night. Membership also gives you access to the workshop every Tuesday and Wednesday evenings where you can practice on our 7 lathes and tools.

The lathes are deliberately not all the same size because woodturners all have their own preferences for big bowls, tiny spindles, pens, toys, and artistic or practical items. 

The full course fee (£100) is due on the night please, or half when you confirm your participation and the other half on the first night. Cash is fine, or a cheque made out to Galloway Woodturning Club.

The course fee covers all the wood used, plus use of all PPE, appropriate tools and machines, as well as tea & biscuits.

If you have a lathe of your own, and tools, then please bring the tools as these are the ones you will be using at home and most comfortable with.

The club members are also very welcoming and keen to help new members and share their experience. (they may however share with you how they do things, which may be different to what I teach – and one of us might be wrong, or just different)

The club also have several professional turners as well as our own members who give demonstrations on our monthly club nights (second Tuesday of each month)

The venue is just outside Castle Douglas, on the Ayr Road, in the industrial estate on the right (there is a sign on the left which says ‘Recycling Centre’) and we are on the right side where there is a banner on the railings which says ‘Galloway Woodturners Club’

The building has toilets suitable for disabled, parking, and a small kitchen. The car park is unlit so choose your parking space with that in mind and bring a torch as the PIR does not always activate the outside light.


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