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AGM Tuesday 12th October 2021

Our AGM will be on Tuesday 12th October 2021, 7pm, at the Castle Douglas Workshop.

We are obliged to elect a committee and Chairman, and the existing committee have agreed to stand again, but we are two members short due to one death and one resignation, so we need two volunteers. If you are going to nominate someone to stand for the committee please ask them first ! before calling out their name on the evening.

Our finances are in good shape and they are available to read here should you be interested, a printed copy is also on the noticeboard in the workshop.  Click here and on the link GWT Accts 20-21

I will not be attending the AGM as I will be on the Isle of Man visiting my new granddaughter, but the rest of the committee will deal with all the business, and there will be a demonstration immediately thereafter. The competition will also be happening as usual, so get your entries in (mine is already done – I am amazed myself that it is finished) – the theme is as shown on the programme – ‘Make a Mooncake holder’ and is open to interpretation but must be able to hold one Mooncake. 

My Chairman’s report is also complete and someone from the committee will read it out at the AGM.

After the most unusual 18months we have just gone through this AGM is significant and I would like as many members to attend as possible. The business should not take too long to get through and there should still be time for coffee, competition and the demonstration.

I am sorry that I will not be there and look forward to seeing you all when I get back, and meeting the new chairman ?




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6 Responses to “AGM Tuesday 12th October 2021”

  1. John Twiname says:

    Hi had a look at the accounts,looks complicated for some to understand ,why theirs not just two columns in and out and subtract one from the other I don’t know,but one thing I’ve asked for ,for years is the list of assets the club has acquired and costs off which would along with the money give full account of the club worth,and if their not listed then any one can walk out the door with them,and they are not listed as assets IE, tools ,lathes,hovers and suction systems.once these are listed as assets and added to profit account then we know what club has earned/worth,so this is some thing that should definitely done next year, by new/old chairperson,. Jake

    • Phil Jones says:

      Jake, I’ve devised this wee tip on how to get the info you’re after…

      Column 2 is money in
      Column 3 is money out
      Column 4 is the balance

      You’re welcome ?

  2. Rolf Buwert says:

    Thanks Jake, We have an inventory, which is updated when appropriate, plus all the receipts and values, everything is also photographed. The accounts are full enough without adding a list of assets, value, depreciation etc. This would be appropriate for a business and the tax man would want to see this, but for a club the published accounts are sufficient. Your comments will be raised at the next committee meetings and given consideration.

  3. Mike Jacob says:

    I think the Treasurer should be congratulated for producing these accounts. The white columns clearly show “money in” and “money out” with more details in the coloured columns. What is simpler than that? Mike Jacob

  4. John Twiname says:

    Because these acc don’t tell the hole story of the clubs finance’s nor do they show what money they have in all bank accounts and does not show the assets the club Owens that gives a full picture for all to see if they are shown,if you have them then why not let the members see them or is their a reason for this ,the members are the club not the committee,Iam in no way suggesting that the speed sheet is not correct and done well,as I can read these quite easily Phil ,but listen to some of your members that’s all Iam saying about them yes Rolf I know we don’t need them for tax purpose but let the club be open and above board Iam not suggesting it isn’t but it’s like justice not only has to be done it’s got to be seen to be done as with a full audit jake

    • Phil Jones says:

      Sorry Jake, I thought the first part of your first comment was asking for a simpler spreadsheet with just 2 columns for money in and out, which it already has. Apologies if I misunderstood.

      The asset register is a different thing to the annual accounts though, because only the latter needs to be published on an annual basis. However maybe we can look at making it available on the website so people can look at it whenever they like? That might take quite a lot of time and effort though so we may need a volunteer to do that and keep it up to date.

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