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Lathe wanted

I have just had an enquiry from a lady wishing to purchase a lathe for her husbands birthday. She is looking to spend about £250 – Anybody know of a lathe going spare? Please drop me an e mail.


Club Competition 2021

Here is the points situation after the first round.

Senior/ Mature:

Rolf Buwert (6), Colin Marshall (5), Stephen Eccles & Bill McCoskrie & Mick Schofield (4), Ken Coates & David Simpson & Reg Thirlwall (1).

Junior/ Novice:

Christine Carson (6).

The scoring system awards 6 points for 1st position, 5 for 2nd, 4 for 3rd. All entries with no votes receive 1 point.

Meeting – January 2021

What a brilliant meeting we had on Tuesday 12th January 2021 ! First of the year, first on Zoom and a great start to a year full of hope.

Our very own Mick Schofield demonstrated how to make perfect spheres between centres and with a jam chuck (an idea he picked up from Alan Batty).

He produced a pdf file of how to do this back in October last year, and the file can be found by searching ‘spheres’ in the search box on this web site (or by clicking on the Simply Spherical link at the bottom of this post).

Our aim in this first Zoom meeting was to replicate, as close as possible, a normal club meeting, and I think it was successful, with the only thing not so easy to replicate being the coffee and biscuit break, but given that we can sit and have a coffee and (hopefully Irving’s) biscuit by our side right from the start it was not such a great loss. Maybe when we get to meet together again, and have to distance ourselves out more, we could have a coffee table between ourselves and the next person, and thereby replicate the Zoom session?

The competition was also excellent, especially as I got most votes for my little double skinned ‘fruit’ bowl with a plumwood outer skin and a pearwood inner lining.

Next month’s meeting will be a demo by our founder member and former chairman Phil Howard who will show us how he makes a hanging pomander as recently shown in Woodturning Magazine. 

The competition item for 9th February will be Make a soap dish, liquid soap or washing up holder, or other item for cleaning related activity. 

Simply Spherical (1)

January 2021 Competition

Welcome to the first competition of 2021, and what a selection of entries we have for you !

Inspired by the Roman god Janus, the god of beginnings, looking back and to the future, the criteria is something with two faces, two woods or two colours.

Voting is now complete and the result is interesting, the winner of the senior was number 4, the double skinned bowl, Plum wood for the outer and Pear wood for the inner lining. The novice winner was number 10, the plant stand.

Thanks to all who entered and all who voted.


Entry 1 Senior



Entry  2 Senior


Entry 3 Senior

Hawthorn ,  colours : blue and gold


Entry  4 Senior (Winner)

Plum with a Pear lining


Entry  5 Senior



Entry  6 Senior


Entry  7 Senior


Entry  8 Senior

oak base and Meranti lid


Entry  10 Novice (Winner)

Plant stand. Two faces, the hidden base, unfinished, private, the public, visible top, roughish inscription lux umbra dei, light is the shadow of God.

January 2021

The recent Scottish Government announcements are necessary to keep the infection level down so that we are safe until we are vaccinated. This is a very critical time for us and vital that we are careful about infecting those we come in contact with. To that end we closed the workshop after the Tuesday 22nd December session. The workshop will remain closed for all of January when we will see what the government permits thereafter.

Although this may seem very restrictive the reality is that going from level 1 to level 4  from Boxing day right through January will  not be that difficult. We will have our Christmas toys to play with, the weather is poor so we won’t want to go out much anyway and January is the month where many of us do repairs, modifications and improvements to our tools and workshop anyway. 

There are plenty of woodturning videos and interactive demos available to us to keep us interested and delivery drivers will still be permitted to deliver tools, wood, and other supplies to keep us making things for the next few weeks.

Yes, the workshop is closed, but the club is still functioning. The Lockdown will lift, in stages, and Dumfries and Galloway is a low risk area, hence our recent Level 1 status. When the restrictions relax I will let you know, and we will take small steps, carefully, and in the right direction to get back to seeing each other.

So, chin up folks, comply with the regulations, keep away from those that don’t, and we will get back to normal. 

Christmas Message

Christmas Message

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all keeping well and managing to avoid ‘the virus’ as well as other seasonal coughs and colds.

It has been a long time since we all met and enjoyed each other’s company in 3D. Although it has been a tough year for everybody, and it is not over yet, there is at last light at the end of the tunnel with the arrival of the vaccines. Some estimates say that it could be another 10 months before we feel a real improvement and return to free movement and activities. We have been very patient, and with a bit of support from each other we will get back together next year so that we can enjoy our woodturning once again. We have already, very carefully, got small numbers back into the workshop, and will increase, or decrease, those numbers and sessions as dictated by the government restrictions.

Quite a number of us in the club are at the age of being placed near the top of the queue to receive the vaccination because we are at the age at risk of getting the virus. It is all a very fine, and serious, balancing act between our physical and mental health. Rest assured that your committee, and fellow members, are monitoring the situation so that we are all safe and can get back to our monthly meetings, live demonstrations and face to face meetings at the club and in the community.

For now I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, with telephone, Zoom, Skype, Facetime etc contact with friends and family, a Happy New Year, and good health in 2021.
Please keep in contact with other members of the club over the next months by entering the club competitions, Internet demonstrations and meetings and the occasional coffee in a garden or café where permitted.

Keep safe and I very much look forward to seeing every one of you again in a wood shavings strewn environment.


Interactive Demo

Live Sessions in Association with Record Power

Live Sessions 1 & 2 with Theo –

Saturday 12th December 00:30am (GMT)

Saturday 12th December 9:30am (GMT)

This week, Theo covers:

• ‘Top’ turning tips for kids

• Focus on spindle gouge angles and grinds

• Colouring

• Parting off techniques

Please click the banner above to download your personal RSVP invitation, for the next instalment of Live Sessions …a Free Educational Programme for Woodturning.


Live Sessions 1 & 2 are brought to you direct from Theo Haralampou’s studio workshop in Brisbane Australia.

To learn more about Theo – CLICK HERE

Theo is definitely stepping into the festive season with this Live Session.

Learn about the suitable substrates for colour layering and embellishment, along with materials and finishes.

Theo demonstrates several head and tailstock support methods whilst creating a selection of festive adornments, novelties and gifts.


Live Sessions 3 & 4 with Andrew Hall –

Sunday 13th December 9:30am (GMT)

Sunday 13th December 7:30pm (GMT)

Live Sessions 3 & 4 are brought to you direct from Andrew Hall’s studio workshop in County Durham, England.

To learn more about Andrew – CLICK HERE

We are delighted to welcome British Woodturner, Andrew Hall to Record Power Live Sessions for our Christmas Special Weekend.

Andrew is known around the world for his turning talents, particularly for his ‘Hallwood Hat’ creations and the fascinating and super stylish ‘Bluesbowls’.

For this Live Sessions debut, Andrew will be sharing a multitude of turning techniques and disciplines from his studio workshop in County Durham, England

….and if we’re lucky a few tunes on his bluesbowl!

Please remember to let us know which country you will be joining us from with your RSVP.

In this session, Andrew covers:

• Characteristics of timber

• Centering and mounting

• Optimum speeds for spindle and side grain turning

• Spindle/Bowl turning tools, grinding techniques and finishing

• Safety equipment and risk assessment

Please RSVP on the invitation form or simply send an email to with RSVP in the subject line to register, and you will be sent your Zoom log in code.

Please remember that your friends and fellow club members are welcome to join us too…all they need to do is send us an RSVP!

Thanks again to David for drawing this to our attention. A few of us attended the previous demo and found it very interesting, these two demos are going to be just as good, so RSVP to book your place.

2020 Competition Results

Here are the results of our 2020 competition. Congratulations to the worthy winners Colin and Stephen!

Senior/ Mature:
Colin Marshall (41), Rolf Buwert (33), Ken Coates & Mick Schofield (31), Arthur Young (19), Bill McCoskrie & David Simpson (16), Steven Young & Reg Thirlwall (11), Jake Twiname (8), Phil Jones (6), John Brown & Judith Simpson (5), Phil Howard (4).
Junior/ Novice:
Stephen Eccles (54), Andrew Hall (29), Christine Carson (15), Sarah Burns & Raymond McGarva (6), Alyson Young & Hugh Parker (5).
The scoring system awards 6 points for 1st position, 5 for 2nd, 4 for 3rd. All others (including entries with no votes) receive 1 point.

Programme for 2021 – Competitions

Covid vaccinations are being given now, but we have yet to be given any kind of dates for returning to the workshop. The committee will meet in January, via Zoom, and let you know how the reopening of the club will be phased in, until then we will continue the monthly competition and the draft proposal of the subjects is attached. Let me know if this is acceptable, or if you would like to suggest another list of items. 

Programme 2021 draft

December Competition

Welcome to the last competition of 2020, and the same protocol applies as previous months, – upload your entry images, or email them to me, before 7pm, chose your senior winner and your novice winner during your ‘virtual coffee break’ , let me know your choice in the remarks box at the end of this page, by email, text or Whatsapp. I will tally up all the votes (once we are done with the AGM) and then post the winner sometime after 9pm.

I will pick up the trophies from last years winners or you can hand them in to the the workshop on Thursday or Tuesday. They will then be engraved and ‘presented’ to the new champions in due course.

Good luck everyone.




Senior 1


Senior 2


Senior 3


Senior 4


Senior 5




Senior 7


Senior 8

Topcat's December entry




novice 2