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Wooden ‘Pebble’ tumbling machines

I got this message from a friend Iona Dunbar, and I remember seeing these drums in operation in Penpont. They tumble hardwood blocks, chiefly square and oblong offcuts, and end up with buckets of wooden ‘pebbles’ like a stone polishing machine.

I wondered if any of your members might be interested in a set of wood tumbling machines. My husband and I bought them from Archie McConnell at the sawmill in Penpont near Thornhill. The machines are languishing in a friend’s shed and we really feel they should be used so I thought I’d ask whether anyone in your group might be interested in them. They do take up quite a bit of room so it would need to be someone with a big shed! There are 3 sets of double drums that run on a single [three phase] motor per set. I can happily send lots of photos and more info about them if anyone was keen. We paid £700 for them but we are open to offers. We really just want them to be used – and I’m sure our friend would be glad to see them go! The machines are actually amazing and there are countless different things you could make – I’ve got photos of a few things we came up with but I’m sure someone with more talent and imagination could come up with some beautiful products.


Contact Rolf if you have a big shed with 3 phase, or know of someone with one. Archie used to produce sacks of these ‘pebbles’ and sell them to craft workers and alternative therapy practitioners.


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