Galloway Woodturners

We're in Galloway and we turn wood

2022 Programme

Like the Pirate Code this is more of a guide that law, but we will try hard to stick to the programme. 





Tue 11th January



A Pair of matching handles.

Tue 8th February




A Kitchen utensil.

Tue 8th March

    A Garden tool.

Saturday 9th April

All day demonstration

Gary Low RPT

“The Tartan Turner”


Tue 12th April



An Easter Egg

Tue 10th May

    A Wheel.

Tue 7th June

Colouring   A Natural Edge item.

Tue 12th July

    Something with three colours.

Tue 12th August


Tue13th September

    A Lazy Susan.

Tue 11th October

Involuted turning   A Nut Cracker.

Tue 8th November

    An Involuted turning.

Tue 13th December

    A Christmas Decoration.

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