Galloway Woodturners

We're in Galloway and we turn wood

The club is open Tuesday evenings, and Wednesday afternoon and evenings for paid up Club Members to use club facilities.

The purpose is for members to use the club lathes and specialist tools in the company of other club members, and in so doing can call upon other turners for advice and assistance. These sessions are not for teaching or any form of training, classes are on Thursdays.

We are happy for non members to call in and see what we are about and see what we do, but it should be clearly understood that our insurance does not allow non members to use our equipment. Woodturning can be dangerous and we care about our members and visitors, and want them to have a fun, safe experience, therefore we would like all club members, and course participants, to demonstrate a basic knowledge of workshop safety before they use any club machinery or tools.

Visitors should therefore not expect to have-a-go when they come, but our members will be happy to show them what can be done, and if the visitors like what they see we can sign them up for a Taster Course, Introduction to Woodturning Course, or other courses as appropriate from one of our qualified tutors.


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2 Responses to “Turning Tuesday, and Wednesdays”

  1. Steve Young says:

    Can we see a copy of the insurance policy please?

  2. Christine Carson says:

    Yes, I will find a copy and leave it on the noticeboard.

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