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Skew Saturday

Saturday 6th July Skew Chisels for the squeamish Saturday Scared of the Skew? Sick of spirals? Six places for six people to make six things on a Saturday using only a skew and sycamore (or some other wood that starts with ‘S’ if you want, or any wood really) £10 for the day. This is a workshop more than a course, as everyone can already use a skew.

Thanks everyone for your interest; the workshop is now full, and the members attending will be

Nicky S,
Sue H,
Susan C,
Arthur, (OK I know this is seven, not six, but I realised we have seven lathes so lets get them all working)


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6 Responses to “Skew Saturday”

  1. Chris Knight says:

    Hi – I would very much like to attend Skew Saturday. Will bring my own bandages.


    • Rolf Buwert says:

      Hi Chris, Yes, bring your own bandages, tourniquet, and field dressings, although your own skew would be more useful, the biggest and the smallest, if you have several. is all you need. (a packed lunch would also be a good thing to bring)

  2. Raymond McGarva says:

    Hi Rolf, May I book a spot on the Skew Saturday workshop too please.


  3. Sue Halliday says:

    Rolf, the technophobe has logged in, it’s a miracle!
    Please may I add my name to the list for skew Saturday with the ultimate aim of less swearing while woodturning? Thanks

  4. Rolf Buwert says:

    There is no certainty that there will be no swearing but the aim will be that you will be so chilled that your first go to tool will be a skew, and you will be so relaxed that the biggest risk is you will drop the tool because you have such a light hold of it.

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