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Skew Saturday

So, soon it will be Saturday, specially selected for those souls who are squeamish or scared of the skew chisel. Selecting our wood we will make six things just with the skew, nothing else.

Ian , Sue, Susan, Chris, Raymond,  Nicky and  Arthur. Subtracting me that comes to six or seven attendees.

This is not a course, you all know how to turn using a skew, this is a workshop where we all learn from each other in an environment free from distractions, and with me to try and hold things together. 

We have seven lathes and a supply of suitable spindle turning wood which can be bought from the club if you don’t bring your own.

Can I ask you also to bring your own skew chisels, lunch and £10 for the club.

Please confirm that you are coming so that I can set things up better.

See you soon.



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3 Responses to “Skew Saturday”

  1. Chris Knight says:

    Yes – will be there with skews, lunch & bandaged


  2. Rolf Buwert says:

    Thanks Chris, in theory you are less likely to hurt yourself with a skew than a spindle gouge (so long as you don’t touch the edge with anything containing blood). Ah, theory that great downfall of many an innocent woodturner.

  3. Sue Halliday says:

    Thanks Rolf, been looking forward to this, but am going to have to pull out of the session. Apologies for the short notice, will put my £10 in the pot when I’m next in. Hope the day goes well. Best wishes, Sue

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