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Kirkcudbright Country Fair, 20 and 21 July 2019

Thank you to everyone who helped  at at Kirkcudbright over the weekend, especially Les, David Arthur and Bill. I think the Galloway Woodturners presented a good image to the visitors and quite a few people showed an interest in woodturning. 

I have returned the lathe to the workshop, and the unsold items to the kitchen. The cash from the sales will be put into envelopes and go to the club shop, so see Jimmy to pick up your money. The club took 10% of the sales items you handed in for sale and has benefited by £27, so thank you to Les, John, Phil H and Arthur for submitting your items for sale.



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  1. Rolf Buwert says:

    Thanks Les,
    I plan to be there about 7pm and get everything loaded into the van so that we can go early to Kirkcudbright to get everything set up and tested by 9am as the first persons will be coming through the gate at 10am Saturday, thus giving us an hour for fixing anything that needs fixing, or time for a second breakfast. Arthur will be next door? at the stick makers.
    We need to pick up a lathe and all it’s attachments and stand. Tools and wood are needed too, although I will bring enough of my own.
    The weather looks fair so we should be comfortable and the crowds should turn out in good numbers.

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