Galloway Woodturners

We're in Galloway and we turn wood

2021 Programme

With current Covid restrictions this is more of a casual guide that will be altered as the vaccination programme advances, government restrictions relax and things return to normalishness.





Tue 12th January


Mick Schofield

Something with two faces, two woods, or two colours.

Tue 9th February

Hanging Pomander

Phil Howard


Make a soap dish, liquid soap or washing up older, or other item for cleaning related activity.

Tue 9th March

Lathe and Chuck maintenance


Make two items the same (there is no indication that R&R were identical twins or not)

Tue 13th April

Pewter inlaid lidded pot

Roger Cutler

Make an open fruit bowl

Tue 11th May

Swanee Whistle


Make a dish to hold the coins from your pocket, a coin tube or other money holder.

Tue 8th June

Simon Hope Hollowing rig.

Phil Howard

Make something from equal portions of two woods.

Tue 13th July

Tooth pick holder

Mick Schofield

Make a picture frame to hold an image of Julius Caesar.

Tue 10th August


A Toy

David Simpson and

Rolf Buwert

Make something with a star, or multiple stars.

Tue14th September


Phil Howard

 Make a chess piece, set of draughts, skittles or other game related item.

Tue 12th October

4 items


4 members


Make a lidded box able to contain one Moon Cake, measuring about 10cm (4 inches) in diameter and 3-4 cm (1 ¼ – 1 ½ in) thick.

Tue 9th November

Incense Toadstool 

Rolf and  …..

 Make something which holds multiple tea lights.

Tue 14th December

Coring system

Phil Howard

Make a simple, rustic wooden toy.

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