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2019 Programme

2019 Programme

Date Topic Demonstrator ‘Show and Tell’ Competition
Tue 8th January No Club Meeting – – – – – – – – –
Tue 12th February Details to be confirmed Rolf Buwert Poultry not Paltry Raffle Winner Curly topped box
Tue 12th March(At club meeting) Professional Demonstrator Eugene Grimley Raffle Winner A Bird
Wed. 13th March Master Class Eugene Grimley Raffle Winner – – –
Tue 9th April Professional Demonstrator Peter Osborn Raffle Winner Easter Egg
Wed 10th April Master Class Peter Osborn – – – – – –
Tue 14th May Robert Sorby visitation Chris Pouncy Raffle Winner Rabbit or Hare
Sat 1st June Professional Demonstrator Rick Dobney Raffle Winner – – –
Sun 2nd June Masterclass Rick Dobney – – – – – –
Tue 4th June Professional Demonstrator Colwin Way Fruit
Tue 9th July No Club Meeting – – – – – – – – –
Tue 13th August Details to be confirmed  Details to be confirmed Raffle Winner Jewellery
Tue 10th September Details to be confirmed Mick Schofield, Node Joints Raffle Winner Something for the Brampton Show
Sat 21st September Professional Demonstrator  Phil Irons – – – — – –
Sun 22nd Sept Masterclass  Phil Irons – – – – – –
Tue 8th October 7.00pm     AGM (Subs due)  Details to be confirmed Raffle Winner Flower
Thereafter ~ Making something Autumnal  Rolf Buwert
Tue 12th November Christmas Gift Two club members Raffle Winner Snowman
Tue 10th December To be confirmed Woodturners Question Time Raffle Winner Toy


2019 Workshops

Minimum of 3 people to run the workshop, no spectators; you learn by doing, not watching.

Date Subject Tutor Time Comments
Thursday 7th February, for 6 weeks Beginners Course Rolf Buwert 7pm to 9pm  5 of 7 places are now taken, thank you. 2 spaces available.

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