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Programme for 2019

The updated programme for 2019 is up on the web site. I still have not worked out how to make it appear from the top line of the link, but hover your mouse over the ‘Programme 2019’ and you will see the line ‘2019 Programme’ click on that line to make the magic happen.


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4 Responses to “Programme for 2019”

  1. Mick Schofield says:

    So I’m renamed Phil Schofield now am I?

  2. Rolf Buwert says:

    Sorry Mick, I confused you with that other great public TV and Theatre performer and celebrity Phillip Schofield. Good thing I didn’t say you were being assisted by Gordon or Holly

  3. Mick Schofield says:

    Well I suppose I could turn some Holly ?
    Seriously though, there just aren’t enough Phils in this year’s program.

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