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November competition

Here are the entries from 9th November. There were 4 entries in the Mature/ Seniors category but none in the Novice/ Juniors.

Updated scores will be posted in a couple of days.

Colin Marshall (winner)

Arthur Young

Stephen Eccles

Rolf Buwert

(Awaiting photo)


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2 Responses to “November competition”

  1. John Twiname says:

    Hi did anyone hear what the December comp is I missed it rolff,I would also like to thank every one involved in collecting all Peter Campbell s wood and thank him for donating it to the club,to do as they wish with it ,Jim Kirkpatrick,Steve Eccles,Freddie dalzieal,hughe Parker,and his son Christopher,and dog blue,for the use of their big trailer made the job easy,,some very nice wood, oak ,elm,burr elm,ash,sycamore,jarra ,bluethorn,some big bit that need cutting but great stuff ,for club to sell or do what they want with,,so thanks Peter ,and the lads.

    • Rolf Buwert says:

      Hi Jake, Don’t know if you got my reply a few days back. I think it is up on the web site now (rustic toy).
      It would be good to see what you come up with, I have a couple of ideas but not decided yet, might not get it decided and started before the Tuesday.
      That certainly is a pile of wood you got from Peter, well done everyone. I cut one piece last night to see what it is like, it was a very fine piece of oak, if it is all like that then the club will have some excellent blanks to work with.

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