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Not open just yet …

I know that some members are keen to get back and others are nowhere near ready to return to the workshop, and that is fine, so, as other places open up, we have to start thinking about when and how to get things going again. I was at the workshop yesterday, and everything is exactly as we left it. Our neighbour Frank was working away on one of his motorhomes and it was good to see him. 

Although we are not announcing reopening just yet I expect that there will be a graduated return of individuals, then groups of two or three, before we open fully in compliance with government guidelines (whatever they may be).

I will keep you informed as things progress, but I get the feeling that things are opening up rapidly, and people are getting excited about this, however we need to exercise restraint and have a little more patience, there is light at the end of the tunnel, this is not some joker walking backwards with a lamp in his hand, this is genuine progress which we do not want to jeopardize, locally or nationally.

Every one of you is valuable and important, and much as I want us to see each other again in 3D I care for you all too much to risk your health, or that of others in your household to open too soon.

Until then stay safe and stay up to your knees in shaving in your own workshops, boy are we going to be good woodturners when we get back with all the practice we have had during lockdown !!



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2 Responses to “Not open just yet …”

  1. John Twiname says:

    O rolf i didnt know you cared but your quite right to take it slow, we are all nicholas children, but most have some whete to turn and make a mess sp dont see the need to rush its not as if your gona be able to cuddle any one. But iam just out o golden jubbilee in clybank have in arterys repaird so ive got to be carefull and wont be their for a montj anyway

  2. Rolf Buwert says:

    Glad the plumbers at the Jubilee were able to get the duck tape round your old arteries and give you another 100,000 miles. We will work out some way of getting you back to the woodturners either in person or via a video link. So keep being careful and gently working away at home on your own lathe and other projects. You are not the only one who is in no rush to return, but we will still be there and will be very glad to have you back when you are ready.

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