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Next Club Meeting

Our next club meeting will be on
Tuesday 10th May
and the subject of our demonstrator will be
Starting with a cube
Phil Howard will be our demonstrator for the evening. This is a repeat demonstration as requested by our members.The competition item will be
A Wheel
so it could be based on a design from last months meeting or something unique / quirky/ magnificent. No need to make a set of four – one would suffice.
Thank you to everyone who came along to Gary Lowe’s demonstration, and masterclass the following day.

The better weather is here, it is not quite summer yet but days are much longer and we have had Easter Holidays and the Mayday Holiday. Maybe you have been doing the Spring cleaning and feel both the workshop and yourself are refreshed, ready for some new projects. The sunshine and warmth certainly lift our spirits. For some of us we are able to quickly slip back into our old routines and habits, but please remember that others have more difficulty post-Covid, and the world is certainly not the same. Could we try and be mindful of peoples personal space and respect their choice to keep a distance, wear a mask, decline to participate in communal coffee breaks etc. If a friend takes a step back from you it may not be your aftershave that is the problem it is just that they have been used to the comfort of being 2 meters away from other people, so don’t step forward when they step back.

Handwashing and opening windows for ventilation has always been a sensible thing to do and I would encourage everyone to do this, or accept other’s choice to do so.

At our next meeting you may notice that one of the huge sections of oak has been reduced to more useable chunks, had he ends sealed and brought inside for sale. I will continue to slice up the rest over the next few weeks with my chainsaw. The wood is still ‘green’ so easier to turn, but will be prone to splitting if you are not careful. Feel free to buy and use it straight away but remember that oak contains a lot of tannin and that can make your hand go black and cause iron-based metals to rust on contact with the damp shavings. Fresh oak shavings smell lovely and there is less dust than fully seasoned wood, but if you prefer fully seasoned oak then you may have to wait another year or two. Season it yourself at home or wait for it to dry out at the club.

There is other wood on the shelves outside, and under the tarpaulin, speak to our wood prep team to see what there is available.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the next meeting.



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