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Next Beginners Course

The next beginners woodturning course will be starting Thursday 27th February 7pm to 9pm, and for six Thursday evenings until 2nd April. This is open to existing and new members. The cost of the course remains £100. 

Thanks to everyone who has signed up, the course is now full and the next course will be just before the summer holidays, so sorry if you missed out on this one. The start date for the next Beginners Course will be posted as soon as I can.


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3 Responses to “Next Beginners Course”

  1. Raymond McGarva says:

    Hi Rolf,
    As I missed the last part of the beginners course in November could you put my place on stand by plz, if you get 6 people that’s fine but if you have a spare place I would like to have another go.

    Whether on course or not I am very happy to come along to be gopher/tea boy/ skivvy and smelling salts person.. lol.

    Just let me know… if anyone more qualified wants to go along to be first aid person then please do…. after all when I get to people the need for first aid is certainly passed. pmsl.


  2. Rolf Buwert says:

    You are always welcome Raymond, and because you had missed a couple of sessions you can pick up the bits you missed, and assist with all the other tasks in between.

  3. Phil Howard says:

    Rolf If you need a helper in addition to Raymond, I can be available for most if not all of these dates. Phil H

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