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Message from Rick Dobney

Thank you once again for a most enjoyable weekend at Galloway Woodturners, topped off by a return last night to see Colwin’s excellent demonstration.

As promised, attached are the turning notes for the three projects I presented on the day, please share these with the club membership.

The 6063T6 grade aluminium is readily available off eBay, see for example

The Collect chuck I mentioned in the demonstration (but didn’t need to use) for reversing the stem is available from numerous places, an example from RDG tools is

The Molyslip MCC cutting compound is again available from numerous sources, an eBay example

I’d be delighted to see examples any of the club members work inspired by my demonstration and with their permission I’d like to post them on my website. If there are any questions or points needing clarifying from the projects then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Rick Dobney


I will try to mount the turning notes as soon as possible.  David



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