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Masterclass – Eugene Grimley

The Eugene Grimley Masterclasss is 13th March (with his demonstration on Tuesday the 12th) and for those who have tickets for the Wednesday you might want to look at the cutting list. If you bring your own wood then you will have a known quality, colour, allergy tolerance etc. The club has its own stock of wood and we will try and get some sets of the cutting list together, but we can not be sure we will have the right colour and quality. Eugene is coming from Ireland on the ferry as foot passenger so travelling light i.e. without wood.

12th and 13th March 2019

Cutting list for Galloway Woodturners – Masterclass Wednesday 13th

  Length Width Thickness Material Comment(s)
1 100 15 15 Dark/exotic wood The lengths are OK/max but the 15×15 is not critical as it will be turned down
2 120 15 15 Light colour-Sycamore/Maple/ Beech
3 175 60 60
4 6mm drill  
5 30mm Forstner bit  
6 35mm Forstner bit  
7 Jacob’s chuck for tailstocks We can manage with 2 or 3


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  1. Chris Knight says:

    Struggling a bit with the cutting list !

    Are the measurements in mm’s or cm’s ?


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