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Draft Minute of the 2018 Annual General Meeting

Draft Minute of the Annual General Meeting
Galloway Woodturners
Tuesday 9th October 2018
Held in The Workshop at 7.00pm.

1. Members present
36 members were present at the beginning of the meeting and a few members arrived thereafter.

2. Apologies for absence
Elwin Campbell

3. Minute of the previous meeting
Accepted by the members as read.

4. Matters arising
There were no matters arising.

5. Officers’ Reports to members

The last year has seen a continuing maintenance both in interest and membership in the club. The courses and workshops have proved very popular and have also helped with our finances.

The programme over the last year has been varied with plenty of interest being shown in the techniques being demonstrated. It would be good to have some feedback as to what members would like to see as this would help the committee to put together a varied programme for next year.

Our mid week turning evenings and the Wednesday afternoon sessions are still proving very popular with good core of members participating.

This year has seen us hosting 4 Professional Turning Demonstrations: Eugene Grimley, Margaret Garrard, Emma Cook and Joey Richardson with master classes by Eugene, and Margaret.

A good range of types of turners and turning and those who attended the demonstrations were very appreciative and I think a great deal was learned.

Our next demonstration, next Sunday, is a return visit from Mike Hanbury – Tickets available tonight.

The workshop continues to be updated and we are now looking at improving the dust extraction system. However, this will cost quite a bit, so to help with this we have applied for two grants (outcomes still awaited) and also members have done quite a bit of fundraising – thank you to all who have helped particularly to Jimmy Brown.

With Jimmy in mind the club shop continues to do a brisk trade and is a large contributor to our finances.

This year at our AGM both David Simpson and myself are standing down as Secretary and Chair, fortunately volunteers have been forthcoming.

Finally, I would like to thank all those who in any way have helped with the smooth running of the club over the last twelve months, particularly the committee who have supported both myself and the club so ably their help and advice which has been greatly appreciated.

Roger Cutler

Overall, we have had a good year, ending with a surplus of £2253.16, some of which will be used to buy new and replacement tools. (See Appendix 1).

I think it’s fair to say that everyone in the club has contributed to this in some way or another, and every little helps.

The club has made £1671 on courses and tasters (thank you to Rolf and Roger), £726.50 on the raffle, £901.74 from tea and biscuits. Shop sales have increased and the shop continues to support the club by providing raffle prizes and a steady flow of essential things to the workshop. Thank you to everyone who worked on the construction of the new shop, which cost less than £200. Thanks also to all on the Harrogate bus, who donated their ‘change’ from the trip – £152.

The cost of putting on the professional demonstrations is more or less the same as the income that they generate. I personally think that they are great events and I’d encourage everyone to come.

This year, I’m hoping it would be acceptable to members to increase the annual subscription by £5 to £35. Generally we feel it’s better to have more frequent small increases than wait several years and then suddenly double the subscription. If anyone would like to pay by direct debit (annually or monthly), our bank details are available at the table on the way in.

We are still waiting to hear back from our Tesco Bags of Help application and from the Co-op. Thank you to everyone who gave some of their work to be sold to fundraise for the club.

Lastly, you’ll all be aware that we now have a till. Everything that comes out of the shop should go through the till, including raffle prizes and things for the workshop. Please make sure that if you are taking anything for either raffle or workshop that you let Jimmy know, preferably write it down, as the shop can get busy. Also, if you buy anything small (biscuits) on behalf of the club, Jimmy or I will reimburse you, but please, please bring a receipt.

That’s all from me.

Christine Carson

Christine was able to relay to the membership that since her report was written we have heard that our application to the Tesco Bags of Help scheme has been successful.

Following the Treasurer’s report the Chairman asked if the meeting would accept the reports as presented. This was proposed by Bill McCoskry and seconded by Steve Dunn and agreed by the membership. There then followed a wide-ranging discussion about the proposed increase of the annual membership fee.

There were suggestions that;

  • a larger than £5.00 increase in the membership fee might be adopted and the charges for teas/coffees/biscuits/workshop consumables be abandoned.
  • a standard fee for attending Tuesday/Wednesday evening and Wednesday afternoon workshop sessions be introduced, (to cover the costs of teas/coffees/biscuits/workshop consumables).
  • the shop provide individual sets of abrasives which members buy for their own use in the workshop. (To reduce the costs to the shop of workshop consumables).
  • a charge be introduced to cover use of sanding sealer, finishing waxes and oils in the workshop. (To reduce the costs to the shop of workshop consumables).
  • the committee be asked to develop an economic plan for future workshop improvements and maintenance, (eg dust extraction and replacement cameras), to help with future discussions about the annual membership fee.

The meeting decided that the membership fee for 2018-2019 be £35 and urged the incoming committee to consider the points raised during the discussion.

6. Election of Committee
The following were elected by the membership;
Chairman, Rolf Buwert, (Proposed R Cutler, seconded by D Simpson).
Secretary, Sarah Burns, (Proposed by J Brown, seconded by B McCoskry).
Treasurer, Christine Carson,
Members, Jim Brown, Bryan Jardine Bill McCoskry and David Simpson.

R Cutler proposed that the Competition Organiser, (Nicky Smith) be invited to join the committee. This was seconded by C Carson and accepted by the membership. Nicky agreed to this for a maximum term of two years.

7. Any Other Business
J Brown said that he was intending to organise some fund raising bingo events for which turned prizes were needed. All members were invited to help with this initiative by donating some of their handiwork.

There being no other questions the meeting was closed at 07.35pm.

Appendix 1

INCOME Year to 31st August 2018 31.8.17
Owing from previous year 550.00 0.00
Raffle 726.50 845.50
Subs 1,650.00 1,514.00
Tea & biscuits 901.74 563.16
Visitors 6.00 24.00
Demos 1,122.30 741.70
Wood 441.50 1,392.00
Masterclasses 405.00 699.00
Courses 1,641.00 660.00
Tasters 30.00 74.00
Shop 2,839.06 1,709.49
Member orders 1,233.12 1,861.50
Fundraising 31.80 2,586.50
Donations 303.87 464.90
Room rental 105.00
Merchandise 396.00
Sales 60.00
Unallocated income 180.37 508.23
12,167.26 14,099.98
Rent 2,820.00 2820
Masterclasses 450.00
Demos 1,390.52 2397.63
Biven 3,551.61 7374.89
Other shop suppliers 477.74
Tea & biscuits 276.60
Wood-some bought for shop cons 163.00 98.45
Sawmilling 160.00
Ink 56.25
Club & Workshop inc shop cons 284.38 1341.23
Gifts 25.00
AWGB & Insurance 250.00 360.15
Raffle 9.00 88.35
Auction 590
Catering 43.21
Club merchandise 698.7
Web 143.72
  9914.1 15,956.33
Surplus/deficit for the year 2,253.16 -1,856.35
Shop stock @ 1st Sept 2017 3,139.15
Shop stock @ 31st August 2018 2,262.31
Decrease in stock value 876.84
Shop donations to raffle 55.30
Shop donations to workshop 129.94


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