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2018 AGM Treasurer’s report

Galloway Woodturners Treasurer’s Report

for the Year Ending 31st August 2018-10-03


Overall, we have had a good year, ending with a surplus of £2253.16, some of which will be used to buy new and replacement tools.

I think it’s fair to say that everyone in the club has contributed to this in some way or another, and every little helps.

The club has made £1671 on courses and tasters (thank you to Rolf and Roger), £726.50 on the raffle, £901.74 from tea and biscuits. Shop sales have increased and the shop continues to support the club by providing raffle prizes and a steady flow of essential things to the workshop. Thank you to everyone who worked on the construction of the new shop, which cost less than £200. Thanks also to all on the Harrogate bus, who donated their ‘change’ from the trip – £152.

The cost of putting on the professional demonstrations is more or less the same as the income that they generate. I personally think that they are great events and I’d encourage everyone to come.

This year, I’m hoping it would be acceptable to members to increase the annual subscription by £5 to £35. Generally we feel it’s better to have more frequent small increases than wait several years and then suddenly double the subscription. If anyone would like to pay by direct debit (annually or monthly), our bank details are available at the table on the way in.

We are still waiting to hear back from our Tesco bags for life application and from the Co-op. Thank you to everyone who gave some of their work to be sold to fundraise for the club.

Lastly, you’ll all be aware that we now have a till. Everything that comes out of the shop should go through the till, including raffle prizes and things for the workshop. Please make sure that if you are taking anything for either raffle or workshop that you let Jimmy know, preferably write it down, as the shop can get busy. Also, if you buy anything small (biscuits) on behalf of the club, Jimmy or I will reimburse you, but please, please bring a receipt.

That’s all from me.

Christine (Carson)

GWT Treasurer

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