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Minute of the 2017 AGM

 Galloway Woodturners

Draft Minute of the Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 10th October 2017

Held in The Workshop at 6.30pm.

  1. Members present

32 members were present at the beginning of the meeting and a few members arrived thereafter.

    2.   Apologies for absence

Geoff Thomas and Roland Blackburn

   3.   Minute of the previous meeting

Accepted by the members as read.

   4.   Matters arising

There were no matters arising.

   5.   Officers’ Reports to members


Another very busy year for the club with many changes being seen not least is the refurbished workshop. My thanks to all who helped in any way with this major piece of work. We can now come to demonstrations and sit in relative comfort. Visitors to the club over the last few months have commented that we must have one of the best club workshops in the country.

Our membership over the year has remained relatively stable however we still see people dropping away especially after finishing a Beginners’ course.

The programme over the last year has been varied with plenty of interest being shown in the techniques being demonstrated. It would be good to have some feedback as to what members would like to see as this would help the committee to put together a varied programme for next year.

Our Professional Demonstrations have been received well form those who attended, however numbers at these events have not been great!

We have had 5 Professional demonstrations, Nikos Siragas, Dave Lowe, Andrew Hall, Sally Burnett and Eugene Grimley. With follow Master Classes from Nikos and Andrew.

Next year we have 4 demonstrators booked, Eugene Grimley (back by demand) Margaret Garrard, Emma Cook and Joey Richardson. With follow master classes by Eugene Grimley and Margaret Garrard.

Let’s hope that attendance at these demonstrations will be better than last year.

The club is looking at strengthening our ties with the AWGB to this end the AWGB are to run a course for demonstators at our workshop. Dates for this are to be decided as they need to get at least 3 people interested in taking the course, adverts have gone out in last months “Revolutions” magazine. If you would like to know anything about this course please ask.

The renovation of the workshop has led to our finances being stretched at times during the year but with some prudent fund raising we have managed to keep our heads above water. Many thanks to all those who helped in our fund raising efforts.

Phil Jones has finally managed to step down as Treasurer and we thank him for all the time and efforts he has put into the job over the last 8 years. We welcome Christine Carson who has volunteered to become our new treasurer.

The shop is doing very well under the supervision of Jimmy Brown and we are looking at the moment at constructing a shop area rather that the cupboards we have at present. I would encourage members to use the shop as much as possible as it does help the club funds as well as providing a source of discounted items. I know Jimmy is looking at having a shop area on our web site – look out for that development.

Finally, I would like to thank all those who in any way have helped with the smooth running of the club over the last twelve months, particularly the committee who have supported both myself and the club so ably.

Roger Cutler

Prior to delivering his report our Chairman emphasised the need for more members to offer to give demonstrations at club meetings in order to increase the diversity of presentations and the scope of subjects covered.



But first, some history.

As this is my final treasurer report I thought I would start by reflecting briefly on how things have changed since I started.

In 2009 we were meeting once a month in the Community Centre in Castle Douglas. We had one lathe, the Axminster M950, and one small TV which were stored in a cupboard and brought out every month for the club meeting.

In 2010 we put the lathe on castors to make it easier to put away every month.

Around 2012 we started meeting weekly at Robert Irving’s garage and acquired two more lathes, but continued to meet monthly at the Community Centre.

At the beginning of 2014 we moved into a corner of a workshop owned by Irving’s Bakery. It was big and airy and, with the timely assistance of a grant from the National Lottery, we acquired more lathes and a bandsaw. We also started a small ‘shop’ comprising a box with abrasives and sanding sealer and some wax.

Since 2014 the shop has expanded, first into the bottom of a small cupboard, then the whole cupboard and latterly into two bigger cupboards. Later this year we hope to expand it again into a kiosk with a till and a counter.

Finally, earlier this year we put in the new ceiling which has transformed the workshop into a warm and pleasant studio, admired by members and visiting professionals alike.

Commensurate with our gradual development of the club, the accounts have also seen a steady increase in turnover which is only likely to increase further as the shop develops further.

Accounts for 2016-17

Finances have been stretched at times over the year, mainly due to the expense of having the ceiling put in.

Our balance for the year is down but we have no costs expected in the forthcoming months so we anticipate getting the funds back to a reasonable level by the end of the year.


Expenditure on the ceiling was minimised by the amount of work done by a few of our members, not only in terms of labour but also in terms of liaising with local businesses to get materials free or at very reasonable prices. Without their efforts it is doubtful we would have the superb facility that we have today.


A sterling effort was made on the fundraising front with over £2800 raised:

  • £600 from the auction in October organised by Phil Jones
  • £360 from a tombola and prize draw at the Co-op in Castle Douglas organised by James Brown and his wife
  • £425 from a bookstall at the Co-op in Castle Douglas organised by James Brown’s wife
  • £240 from a wood quiz organised by Freddy Dalziel
  • £550 from the club supporting the Stewartry Sportive cycle event organised by the D&G Members Group of Cycling UK

Without the efforts of these few people we would have been seriously short of funds this year.


Categorisation of income and expenditure has proved to be difficult, especially as the shop has continued to expand.

There are a number of other possible reasons why the figures show a loss for the shop this past year:

  • Categorisation of income and expenditure is not accurate (see unallocated income £505.23)
  • Orders for members have been paid for by the club, but not paid for by members before the end of the financial year (at least £574)
  • Stock taken for use in the workshop but not categorised as such
  • The difference in stock value may not be accurate
  • Stock is going missing

We have identified two ways that we intend to minimise these problems:

  1. Restrict access to the shop by building a kiosk with a serving hatch
  2. Introduce a till that will make it easier to categorise income and cash expenditure


Finally, over the past 8 years our accounts have been assessed and certified free of charge by David Campbell, friend of member John Colbeck. David has been extremely helpful in keeping my books straight over this time but he has indicated that he is retiring after this year so, on behalf of the club, I wish to extend him our sincerest thanks.

Phil Jones

 Our Chairman presented Phil Jones with a small gift with thanks from all the members for Phil’s efforts on behalf of the club over the last 8 years.

 He then reminded the members that we will require a new auditor for next year and asked if any member could provide the committee with suggestions. SCVS in Castle Douglas was suggested. He asked if the final decision could be left to the committee after all possibilities had been explored. This was unanimously agreed by the members.

   6.   Election of Committee

The following were elected by the membership;

Chairman, Roger Cutler, Treasurer, Christine Carson, Secretary, David Simpson,

Members, Jim Brown, Rolf Buwert, Bryan Jardine and Bill McCoskry.


   7.   Any Other business

The timing of the AGM was discussed because with a 6.30pm start it is difficult for some members to arrive in time. It was agreed that in future the AGM would start at 7.00pm as with any Club night and a shortened club meeting would follow the AGM.

Tuesday and Wednesday club workshop opening times were discussed. Should a qualified teaching person be present to offer assistance to members? It was emphasised by the Chairman that;

  • These sessions were for members to come and use the facilities offered by the club, but, other than friendly advice and experiences being shared, they were in no way intended to be teaching events.
  • Non-members are welcome to observe members using the club equipment but they must not be allowed to use that equipment as the Club insurance policy would not cover such usage.
  • If, having observed or expressed interest in turning, a non-member wanted to try turning they should be encouraged to book a ‘Come And Try It’ session when, for a fee of £10, they would be granted temporary membership and both they and the club would be covered by the insurance policy.

It was agreed that better notification of these requirements and application forms for ‘Come And Try It’ sessions and our more formal teaching courses should be available in the workshop.

It was also suggested that the club should organise more subject specific teaching workshops for members. The Chairman agreed that the committee would look into this suggestion.

The question of the Fox lathe was discussed. The Chairman agreed that the subject of the £160 repair bill, the cost of carriage to and from the repair shop and a 16amp supply would be re-examined before a decision about the lathe was taken.

There being no other questions the meeting was closed at 07.07pm.




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