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2016 Annual General Meeting

Galloway Woodturners 

Annual General Meeting  

Tuesday 11th October 2016, 6.30pm.

Please print off your own copy of these papers and bring them with you to the meeting.


  1. Members Present
  2. Apologies for Absence
  3. Minutes of Previous Meeting
  4. Matters Arising
  5. Chairman’s Report to Members
  6. Treasurer’s Report to Members
  7. Election of Committee
  8. Any Other Business

Please take note of the start time ~ 6.30pm.


Agenda Item 3

Chair Report to AGM 2015

Club meetings during the calendar year will have covered a wide range of topics :- Balls, Bandsaw set up and maintenance with Record Power,                 Chucks, jaws and their uses, Robert Sorby demo and sale, Abrasives, Work holding ideas and gadgets, Pole lathe, Simple colouring, Toy car and              Box with an inlaid lid.

We have also presented demos by three professional turners – Sue Harker, Joe Laird and Philip Greenwood. A planned return visit by Nikos Siragas had to be cancelled due to a family illness.

The Club Champion competition continues with a variable level of support from Members. The introduction of a separate section for New Turners has not been met with enthusiasm, last month there was just one entry.

We have continued to run the ‘Introduction to Woodturning’ course. We ran a ‘Better Bowls’ workshop aimed at our intermediate members which met with a lukewarm response, but the ‘How to turn a bowl’ refresher course was fully booked, with a waiting list as well.

In April we ran a successful auction of woodturning and woodworking tools and equipment.

The Club has been out and about at the Kirkcudbright Country Fair and the Wigtown Show. The ‘Watch, Try and Buy’ day on the Spring Fling weekend was not well attended, but the few people that did come seemed to enjoy it. We probably need to re-think the timing of any similar event next year.

For the first time we presented a major show and sale over an extended period – in the Studio at the Kirkcudbright Tollbooth. As previously reported to members, we sold nearly £1,000 worth of members work over the two and a half week run.

The Committee is proposing that the Subscription for the next Club year remains at £25 per year and is now due. Subs have been held at this level for a number of years, and depending on the state of Club finances, it may be necessary to increase the amount next year. Income from subs only pays about half of the Workshop costs so we need to generate other income from raffles, shop sales, courses, sale of members work etc. to remain solvent.

As announced at last month’s Club meeting, I am stepping down from Chair and Committee. My sincere thanks go to all those who have served on the Committee during my tenure and I wish the Club continued success in the future.

Phil Howard, October 2015

Agenda Item 5

Chairman’s report to 2016 AGM

2015/2016 was yet another busy and interesting year for the club. Membership has remained buoyant with new members joining but, unfortunately, some falling away. I suppose this is true of most clubs but I wish we could find the main reasons behind the fall off?

A busy year with varied demonstrations from a number of members and it is good to see new people coming forward offering to demonstrate.

The club championship competition is still bringing in some good entries and it is good to see that overall the standard is getting better. Bryan Jardine is our present club champion with Arthur Young the Beginners champion. Who will knock them of the top spots this year?

Our mid weeks turning evenings are still proving popular with good core of members participating.

The Beginners Courses and Taster Sessions have continued to be popular with 10 people taking them this year both at the Club Workshop and at my Workshop. These courses not only gives new turners a help starting a new hobby but also brings in much needed revenue for the club. At present, the next 6 week course is scheduled to begin in November. This year Rolf and myself were assessed by the AWGB (Association of Woodturners of Great Britain) and gained our Certificate as competent woodturning tutors.

This year has seen us hosting 4 Professional Turning Demonstrations: Phil Greenwood, Richard Kennedy, Mick Hanbury and Simon Hope. If you look on our Web Site and see the comments about these demonstrations you would see how good they were and just how much members appreciated and learned from them. It is a great pity that not more of our members took advantage of these opportunities both to increase their knowledge and learn new techniques as the club made a loss of £154 on these events!

Our next demonstration is in December with Nikos Siragas coming over from Crete to visit us again. Tickets for demonstration this are available now.

On the exhibition front this year has seen us participating at the Kirkcudbright Country Fair and Spring Fling at Kirkandrews Kirk; both of which were successes in their own ways.

With the clubs continuing success inevitably this has brought more work on the Committee. Phil Jones again indicated that he would like to stand down as treasurer and, if you look at the amount of work he has put in over the last year you can understand why. As no one has come forward for this position we have looked at other ways of “lightening the load”.

Jimmy Brown has agreed to take more responsibility with the shop. He will be taking on the ordering and monthly accounts, we are also looking at other ways of streamlining the process.

At the AGM last year it was agreed to increase the subscription to £30 – this after it has been held at £25 since 2013. This increase will now come into force for this year.

Next year 2017 sees the 10th anniversary of our club and the committee are looking at ways to celebrate this. At present we are looking at marking the anniversary with a professional demonstration on a Saturday following by a BBQ and Fun Day for members on the Sunday. We are looking a setting a date in August as this is the date of our 1st meeting. – Other suggestions would be appreciated

Finally, I would like to thank all those who in any way have helped with the smooth running of the club over the last twelve months, particularly the committee who have supported both myself and the club so ably. Particular thanks to Judith Simpson and Jake Twyname as they stand down from the committee after 4 and 2 years respectively, their help and advice has been greatly appreciated.

Roger Cutler

October 2016

Agenda Item 6

Galloway Woodturners 2016 AGM – Treasurers Report

Phil Jones, Treasurer


The yearly accounts have once again been checked and signed off by David Campbell, a chartered accountant and friend of GW member John Colbeck. David has been doing this free of charge for a good few years now and I’d like to acknowledge his help and advice.

The accounts are not without some problems this year which are discussed below, but they have been signed off by the accountant and accepted by the committee.


The club has continued to grow over the past year. When I first did the accounts 7 years ago the club had a turnover of about £1000. This year it was ten times as much. The shop turnover in 2014-1025 was about £1000, this past year it has been almost five times as much.

We had £2263.04 at the end of the year which, being almost enough to cover the rent for a year, is satisfactorily healthy. However the club had £831.31 less than it did at the start of the financial year and, with the categorisation issues discussed below, it is difficult to pinpoint an obvious reason or area that we need to address. We therefore need to be careful in the coming year to make sure the accounts remain healthy.


1. Unallocated Income

Almost 10% of the income for the year was unallocated. This means that some money came in but we didn’t record what it was for.

2. Shop Losses

The shop appears to have accrued a deficit of over £1700 in the past year. I don’t believe this is an accurate figure and is likely to be as a result of the following reasons:

? From the record of money going through the shop and of the invoices being paid, it is not clear what the correct classification of items should be. Where unclear, items have been categorised simply as being shop related but we know some of it should actually have been for equipment or consumables used by the club for which we receive no income.

? No account has been recorded of previous and current stock levels and value. It is clear that we have more stock than ever but we don’t know how much of the shop expenditure this accounts for.

3. Tracking of orders and invoices

Responsibility for making, tracking, categorising, distributing and paying for orders is currently done by different people for different things in different ways.

4. Club Assets

No account has made of the changing value of assets held by the club.


At the committee meeting of the 20th September 2016 the following actions were agreed for the purpose of helping to ensure that all money is accurately allocated and accounted for:

? Responsibility for all ordering should be consolidated under the role of the shop keeper.

? Items on invoices passed to the treasurer should be categorised so they can be reflected accurately in the club accounts.

? A new recording sheet should be drawn up so that cash income and expenditure can be easily categorised so they can be reflected accurately in the club accounts.

? An assessment of shop stock and club assets should be made as soon as possible and used as baseline figures for future accounts.

? An assessment of shop stock and club assets should be made at the end of each club financial year (i.e. on or around 31st August) and recorded as part of the year end accounts.

In addition the following were agreed:

? To offset the continued loss on professional demonstrations, ticket prices will be increased from £10 to £12 and lunch will no longer be provided. Tea, coffee and biscuits will remain free for the day and soup may also be provided if available.

? The club agreed at last year’s AGM to increase subs to from £25 to £30 and we will keep the option open to increase it again next year but only if there is seen to be a financial need to do so.

YEAR TO 31st AUGUST 2016
Catering £ 631.82
Club Merchandise 1370.97
Courses 570.00
Donations 11.65
Equipment 7.37
Exhibitions 60.00
Other -10.00
Raffle 639.86
Sales – Turnings 855.06
Sales – Wood 544.75
Shop 3138.10
Subs 1360.00
Sundry Income 920.93
Tickets 680.00
Visitors 39.00
Catering £ 188.54
Club Merchandise 1125.84
Commission 328.50
Equipment 1307.65
Exhibitions 834.00
Room Hire 2820.00
Shop 5037.91
Web 8.38
Balance at 01 September 2015 £ 3094.35
Surplus as above -831.31
Balance at 31 August 2016 – Bank of Scotland £ 2263.04
I have examined the above Account and confirm that it accords with the books and records
presented to me. I confirm the accuracy of the balance at Bank at the year end.
D M Campbell CA
Galloway Woodturners 2015-2016 Account Summary
RBS Account: Total Funds:
Opening Balance £3,094.35 Cash on Hand (Float) 30.00£
Total Income 10,819.51£ RBS Account 2,263.04£
Total Expenditure 11,650.82£
Ending Balance 2,263.04£ Total 2,293.04£
Shop & Sundry Demos:
Income 10,819.51£ Income (Tickets) 680.00£
Expenditure 11,650.82£ Cost (Exhibitions) 834.00£
Net 831.31-£ Net 154.00

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