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Lapsed Membership

Hello, All,

I am bringing the membership list up to date, and I shall shortly be emailing everyone who was a member of the club last year, but who does not appear to have paid their subscription for the current year. Please rest assured that I am not singling anyone out or trying to harass anyone into paying. We are not permitted to keep data indefinitely for anyone who is no longer a member, so before I delete anyone’s details, I want to check that they have not just forgotten to pay.

Just as a reminder, subs of £35 were due in Oct 18. A grace period was given until Christmas for those with failing memories or empty wallets. Since Christmas, a list of paid-up members has been displayed in the workshop. If your name is NOT on that list, you may not use the club equipment until such time as the situation is rectified. If you believe you have paid, but your name is not on the list, please speak to me or to any committe member. The names of members who have recently joined may not yet be on the list. I shall rectify that situation as soon as possible, certainly by next week.



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2 Responses to “Lapsed Membership”

  1. Mike Jacob says:

    Hello Judith – would it be possible to display the list of paid-up members on the website please? Best Wishes, Mike

  2. Judith Simpson says:

    Hi, Mike,

    It would certainly be possible, but it should be a committee decision. No doubt they’ll consider it, having seen the suggestion here.

    Just for everyone’s information, we now have 54 paid up members.


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