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Kirkcudbright Country Fair 2018

Thank you to everyone who came and helped at the Kirkcudbright Country Fair this weekend, the weather held right up until the last hour. Those who stayed until the very end to help pack everything had to suffer getting wet, but at least did not have to endure the soaking which the young ladies from the horseback acrobatics team had to endure during the last show of the weekend.

Several people, young and old, expressed an interest in woodturning and the club. We have had members join as a result of the enthusiasm of our members at the show before, and it is quite possible that we will do so again. Those members who submitted items for sale have had the quality of their turning vindicated by people buying them. If you submitted items which did not sell this does not mean they were no good, it just means that the person who appreciated it and wanted to buy it was not at Kirkcudbright this weekend. I have the list of sales and have calculated each person’s share of the cash in the tin and will pass their ‘takings’ (ranging from 95 p to £21.85) to them next time I see them.  Unsold items are in my van, along with the Jet lathe and bench, and I will take then back to the club on Tuesday or Wednesday evening.

Special thanks to Arthur and his Stick Maker friends who did the early organisation and supported the club over the weekend. Again, thank you, well done everyone.



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