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Kirkcudbright Country Fair 14th and 15th July 2018

Thanks to everyone who said they would come to the Country Fair, either yesterday at ‘Turning Wednesday’ or via email/web site.

In answer to your questions (as far as I can remember).

Never having been before I can’t advise which entrance to use, I am just going to the first entrance I see and comply with any signs I see, or instructions I receive from ‘gatekeepers’.

If you can’t make it for 08:30 that is fine, either we have enough already to unload the van, or I will recruit some strapping farming girls/ guys to lift things into position.

Should there be too many volunteers ! then feel free to look around the rest of the site and come back later. Should there not be enough volunteers then please stick around for another 4 hours ! I intend to be first there and last out, but the event is fairly casual so everyone else is free to come and go as they see fit without having their wages docked.

Sunday may be the day we need more volunteers, but maybe Saturday will be the busier day? It may depend on which way the wind blows.

Bring any products you may have to sell, if you are unsure if they are of sufficient quality to sell then the customers will decide, they will not part with money for something which they think is not worth it. I may cast my eye over things first and if you see me struggling to contain laughter then feel free to withdraw the item, if you see me go for my wallet, abrasive paper and a pyro pen to put my own name on it and resell at a higher price, then you know it is of sufficient quality. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so give it a go and have your confidence boosted by a wad of cash from customers less 5% commission for the club)

If you want to demonstrate then maybe bring your club smock, a couple of your own tools so you are familiar with them, and a piece of wood so that you can make the thing you have in mind. I will have some pieces, but do not intend to make anything that is going to take ages, our audience like to see some item take shape in front of them rather than 45 minutes of sanding, polishing or waiting for varnish to dry. A finely sharpened tool, 1 minute of light sanding and a quick wipe with an oil finish is fine for most items.

We will be inside a tent so sunblock is not so important, but a bottle of water is a good thing to bring.



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