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Jet Lathe, JWL121VS, disobedient.

The Jet lathe(JWL121S) has been playing up for a while and seems to have a mind of its own as far as speed control is concerned.

Does anyone know what is wrong with it? It seems to be the rotating speed control is faulty, and is impossible to set to a manageable speed. If anyone has any ideas of how to fix it let me know, otherwise I will try and buy a nex speed control unit.


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One Response to “Jet Lathe, JWL121VS, disobedient.”

  1. Mike Jacob says:

    Rolf – I’ve got one of these lathes and there is an electronic sensor (connected to switch, I think) which sends a message to the digital readout in the event of problems with the spindle speed. There are various codes (starting with “E”) which are supposed to tell the operator about any problem. See
    Hope this helps, Mike Jacob

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