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Help, please!

Hi everyone,

David and I are on grandparenting duty next week, and I have just realised that it clashes with the club meeting, and we cannot be there.

Is there anyone who would be willing to do the reception desk, please? You would need to arrive by 6.30 and set up a table at the door. Everything is kept in the cupboard to the right of the door: 2 boxes of name badges, raffle tickets in the drawer, bowl/vase for money and tickets, marker pen in case a badge is needed for a new member. Bring your own pen to mark the attendance sheet, and don’t forget your specs! It’s a good way of learning everyone’s names. I will print off an attendance sheet and leave it in the top drawer of the cupboard. If anything unexpected happens, just write it down (e.g. no change, we owe So-and-so £3).

Raffle prizes need to be sorted. Sometimes someone buys prizes (if they’ve seen a bargain at Aldi), or offers something, and any deficit is made up from the shop. We need three nice prizes +/- a silly one. Jimmy will find something in the shop, but if he isn’t there, one of the committee will help. Raffle tickets are £1 each. Feel free to push people!

Visitors are welcome at £3 each. They get a Visitor Badge to wear, and their name needs to be written on the sheet. If someone wants to join, subscriptions renew in October, so they may wish to wait till then. If they are keen to join immediately, it’s £10, and you should get a committee member to deal with them. They need to fill in a membership form which you will find in the drawer.




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2 Responses to “Help, please!”

  1. Sarah Burns says:

    Hi Judith
    I am happy to help on Tuesday evening.

  2. Judith Simpson says:

    Thanks, Sarah! Susan has already volunteered by email, so perhaps you could give her a hand? It can get a bit hectic, but I’m sure you are capable of keeping a few unruly chaps in line. 😉


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