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Happy Christmas – Happy Holiday

Happy Christmas to all our members, all our prospective members, and everyone else who we would we would love to have as members if only we had the room. Have a great Christmas time and enjoy your holidays.

Having agonised long and hard about if we could, or should, hold a meeting in January (traditionally we did not meet in January) I have decided that I would rather not expose anyone to unacceptable risks, and therefore a monthly meeting with the greater numbers that attracts would not be acceptable. Sorry.

The smaller numbers at the weekly workshops is more manageable, and if everyone sticks to 1 meter distancing, wearing masks at all times, and washes hands immediately upon arrival and immediately before leaving, plus not sharing tools unless they have been thoroughly wiped down with sanitiser first, then this can still go head. Remember that this depends on the good will of Jimmy and Phil J, and their good health, so be nice to them and comply with all of the above.

Roger Cutler will be our demonstrator for our February meeting and I look forward to seeing everyone fit and healthy then.



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