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Gary Lowe Demo and Masterclass +

In view of the government announcement today it is with a very heavy heart that I must take the decision to postpone the Gary Lowe Demo and Masterclass on 28th and 29th of this month. I can see no way round the very clear advice from the government to avoid travel, social contact, pubic meetings, clubs and other contact with other people. We would struggle to say our event is ‘essential’. Even though there are very few cases in this part of the country the situation is changing very fast and it makes a lot of sense to close things down 10 days before any potential infection rather than 10 days after.

It would be wrong to allow folks to be sitting in close proximity for a whole day (and pay for the pleasure) and (potentially) come away with a serious illness.

The club will continue to operate, for this week anyway, as normal, but I fully expect numbers to be very low. The Beginner’s Course will still take place this week, week 4, but the participants will decide themselves if they wish to continue for weeks 5 and 6, or postpone them.

Beginners course 2/2020 looks in jeopardy at the moment too.

It distresses me to have to make this post, but I care for every one of our members and feel we need to protect everyone at this difficult time.  We should continue to turn wood at home, if we can, and return to the workshop, and normality, as soon as it is safe to do so. Remember the government can only do so much for us, it is our community and friendships that can be real life savers in times such as these.



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