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December : Question Time

At our December we are having a Question Time, with a panel of the wise and silver tongued! 

If you have a question which has arisen from any demo you have seen this year, or something you read in a magazine or internet, or something confusing you saw on Youtube etc. or something which you have experienced yourself at the lathe please let me have the question in advance so I can research it, or bring a related tool/ wood/ item to the meeting.

You can submit the questions anonymously if you want. Questions can also be submitted at the meeting or may arise through a previous question or answer.

A lathe will be available for panel members, or questioners to show a particular issue, so you pay want to bring a tool or wood which is causing issues.

Questions can be on any woodturning related issues, from harvesting timber to selling completed items.

I look forward to your questions – remember there is no silly question (although some of the answers may be)



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