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Notices December 2018

 Notices –  December 2018


Tonight, our very own Roger Cutler, makes a curly topped box – now that is different!

Visiting turners enhance what our club do by encouraging us to become better turners, inspiring us to try something new, and also entertain us. I encourage you all to support these turners, and our club. We often break even or sometimes make a very small loss by bringing these turners to our club. I am happy to continue to have them come, and would be even more happy if more members would attend and get the benefits in 2019. See the list below for this year’s visitors.

Competition entries please, new turners and experienced categories. You can decide when you move on to the senior class, unless you win the new turners at the end of the year. Big prizes!

Beginners course. The first Beginners Course starts on 7th February and two places are still available.

To help with our funds I would like to see a Donations Box for you to fill  in 2019 with, Christmas trees, Santas, snowmen, light pulls, spinning tops, spurtles, hedgehogs etc. bowls plates, at home or at the club on Turning Tuesday. To be sold at coffee mornings, shows, outside demo’s, CoOp etc

It has been suggested that we create a Storyboard  Freeze for tree to turned thing along top of wall, to encourage us to think about grain orientation, wood processing etc. anyone good at storyboards?

Thanks to wood prep team for … wood prep … and cleaning the workshop so well afterwards, it was very noticeable. Would it be a good idea to change the date to the Sunday prior to the monthly club meeting? This would mean that the workshop is super clean and tidy and can be set out for the meeting after wood prep.

List of professional turners booked for 2019

Tuesday 12th March Professional Demonstrator Eugene Grimley, and Wed 13th March Masterclass

Tuesday 9th April ‘Rough around the Edges’ by Pete Osborn and Wed 10th April Masterclass

Tuesday 14th MayChris Pouncy as our annual the Sorby demo and shameless sales pitch.

Saturday 1st June Professional Demonstrator Rick Dobney and Sunday 2nd June Masterclass

Tuesday 4th June Colwin Way

Saturday 21st September Phil Irons and on Sunday 22nd Sept Masterclass

Judith has made her excellent mince pies and shortbread again for us this evening. Thank you Judith.

If you have not paid your subscription by now your membership is deemed to have ended. As a non-member you can therefore no longer use any of the tools or machines. You can still attend, and pay a visitor’s entry.

No club meeting on Tuesday 8th January so Happy Christmas, and good health and happiness in 2019


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