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Wednesday 16th October

Sorry folks but I will not be available to open the workshop between 2.00 and 4.00 on the afternoon of Wednesday 16th October.

Is anybody else able to do this?




Please note that the Axminster Bandsaw has now been sold. Many thanks to all those who showed interest.

Lets make some stuff

Can I remind you that at our next meeting, which is the AGM, the competition item is ‘A Flower’ ,  we would also like to have turned items you have made this year and can be entered to represent our club at the annual Inter-Club competition at Borders Woodturners in Brampton on Saturday 26th October. We are looking for 5 items which we will retain after the AGM, submit to Brampton, and get back from them immediately after the competition on the 26th.

We would also welcome the Christmas Tree decorations which we will hang on ‘our’ tree at the Christmas Tree Festival in Dumfries at St.John’s Church, Dumfries, between 5th and 8th December.  So we are looking for items such as miniature trees, baubles, mini Christmas puddings etc. The tree decorations should be made and handed in to Rolf by the end of November so the tree can be decorated on 4th December.

Jet Lathe, JWL121VS, disobedient.

The Jet lathe(JWL121S) has been playing up for a while and seems to have a mind of its own as far as speed control is concerned.

Does anyone know what is wrong with it? It seems to be the rotating speed control is faulty, and is impossible to set to a manageable speed. If anyone has any ideas of how to fix it let me know, otherwise I will try and buy a nex speed control unit.

For Sale

Axminster 14″ floor standing Bandsaw  on wheels with numerous spare blades. –  £150

Those interested pleas e mail –


Saturday 21st Demonstration and Sunday 22nd Masterclass.

Could we PLEASE have your response to the amazing Phil Irons’ visit.

Our lovely team of sandwich makers and soup chefs are waiting for your response so that they can go shopping and spreading, chopping and stirring. Phil also needs to know how many are coming so that he can prepare things. In fitting with his status and ability Phil Irons costs the club good money to demonstrate for us, and provide the Masterclass, so it would also help our treasurer sleep well knowing that enough tickets have been bought to cover the costs, so please respond to this message and let us know you are coming to the demonstration (£20 for all day plus lunch) / masterclass (£50).

Buy your ticket from Jimmy at the shop, or get your ticket at the door, but do let us know by replying to this or by emailing me. Do it now, so that we are all overcome with joy, and can look forward to your company.


In response to a question posed to me by a member at the last club meeting, please be aware that Rick Dobney’s notes about those subjects he covered in his recent demonstration at the club, i.e.

  • Square box turned on a jig,
  • Aluminium stemmed goblet
  • Multi axis candlestick

Are available on the club website under “Library” then “Projects.”



Node Joints

Well done to Mick for the very interesting demonstration on Node Joints (and posting the image from Harrogate last year)

Because of the very unusual and rare subject there is almost nothing on the internet on Node Joints (and, as it is Mick’s title I have thought of every other permutation of this) So if your german is up to it then enjoy the Youtube video here  –  

It does not however show how to make the joints that are not through and through / pipes in line with each other.

Node joints

This was the original display of node joints at Harrogate last year.

Saturday 14th September 10.00 to 16.00

David Simpson is leading a workshop on the making Christmas baubles like the ones demonstrated by Emma Cook, (the Tiny Turner).

If you’re thinking of having a go at making these baubles or have already made a start and would like to give/receive encouragement to/from others please come along with your components. 

A limited number of components will be available at £2.50 per bauble if you do not already have some.

As Rolf has said about such workshops, “they are not courses but workshops where we all learn from each other in an environment free from distractions.”

I am sure we will all leave the workshop with at least one bauble.

There are 5 places available at a fee of £10 for club funds.